A Ball Among Friends

Originally posted here, on SL Go-See.

Again, digging through pictures. Great way to clean out the hard-drive. 😛

In May, my friend Ariel, my partner Sentrosi, and I decided to all go to this popular formal together in hopes of shedding some stress and having some fun.

While Ariel had the first dance with me, Sentrosi was content and cheery to dance by himself until he got a turn.

It was great to just dress up and twirl around. The ball was an opportunity for me to show off my RFL Special Edition jewelry set from Alienbear.

The atmosphere was very serene and light-hearted; I know at one point, Sentrosi ended up dancing with another guy while the gentleman was trying to seek out a dance with another lady. I think afterwards I compensated the guy with a dance before we left. Leave it to the roleplayers, eh? 😛

There were also some popular faces attending in addition to the lovely Nicky Ree- model Mui Mukerji was in attendance, along with a boy hyasynth Tiramisu. There were probably others, but as always, my memory stinks. 😛

If you’ve gotten this far without dying over the choppy thoughts, good for you. I normally don’t write this way; it’s just been difficult trying to post a little between photographs, especially because this happened a few months from when I’m writing about it.

Ariel also got the chance to dance with Sentrosi. I pride myself in not being the jealous type- I know my guy loves me.

‘Lady Silverleaf’ looks really dashing and mysterious with those blue eyes behind her mask. She looked very sleek that day.

For a guy that loves blowing up things, Sentrosi seemed to enjoy the ball, too.

I look forward to being swept off my feet again, and hope that I’ll be able to share my joy with my friends once more.

~ by Terry Toland on December 16, 2008.

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