Be Kind to Your Fellow Man

Originally posted on my Sl Go-See blog.

If you’re a Vain, Inc. group member and had the chat open last night, you probably know what has rubbed me the wrong way. I can say that, after initially sharing my story there and speaking with friends directly, I have calmed down and I’m going to work to keep this short, sweet and productive.

Point one to bear in mind: Terry is very sensitive in real life, to a degree that can be unhealthy when dealing with confrontation. I fully admit to having an over-active and over-reactive imagination, which can cause me to make mistakes and a fool of myself. At times, the non-confrontational urges are so strong that I can have difficulty giving and apology or forgiveness because of an innate fear that the other party will explode. (For those of you absolutely curious, yes, I am receiving help in real life to address those things.)
Point two: It is the season where, all over the globe, many people and cultures celebrate peace, love and forgiveness. This is the time of lights, when although it is very easy to fall to commercialism, we should strive to take a step back, a deep breath, and do a little extra for our neighbors.

In a nutshell, my nerves got the better of me and I acted… spastic, I guess is the best word to use. There was no curse words, no insults, just me responding pointedly and virtually running away. The owner of the area – and I do not dispute this – perceived this as rude, and I was apparently banned from her lands (I teleported home before any auto-eject or the like). Then, my partner who was with me – and had done nothing wrong but follow me – was banned without being able to respond to any of what the owner told him. I somehow summoned the courage to IM her and apologize, explaining the situation and that it was just a big misunderstanding.

I was told this was business and that was it.

Now, I was not the only one who made a mistake: some items were set to 0L in a newbie area that I thought were free for a lot of people. I could not have done that- the creator did. I feel that my accident struck a nerve, as she acted very ‘above’ others, and hence the harshness. I can understand how stress would cause one to act immediately, but to still act so curtly, so coldly as she did after an apology and long explanation to me and a bystander flew in the face of what I was originally there for, an event focused on the good-spirit of the season.

I find it very disheartening that this individual wants to make the world a better place, yet acted so out of line with that message. It blows me away that her bottom line was really business… I am having trouble finding words to add to this. That was it: business. Sadly, I do not see any ghosts coming to awaken this soul any time soon.

So, to tie this to us, members of an industry that can be cruel or uplifting, let us strive to hold the light to our hearts:
– When we pose, let us stand brightly as a beacon of opportunity, for no matter what we wear, we send a message of what can be discovered.
– When we perform, let us move gracefully, for we show the many dynamics of our world that await others.
– When we photograph, let us capture beauty in its rainbow of forms, for each side has a different story to tell.
– When we write, let us bear the truth mindfully, for the pen is mightier than the sword and must be swung carefully.
– When we create, let us paint our own dreams, for our art communicates the heart within us all.
– When we provide, let us be warm to our visitors, for we made call upon their services in the future.
– When we meet, let us smile, for it is a universal gesture of love that can change a life.

We all have many talents, and we all may not get along, but I hope that at least this season, we can be kind to our fellow man. Whatever you celebrate, even if it is just spending time with yourself, I wish you the best.

~ by Terry Toland on December 17, 2008.

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