Cascading Dreams – Dominus Designs new CASCADE fountain system

Originally posted on my SL Go-See blog.

Last night, Sparkle Skye tickled her group about a new release from her partner, Dominus Skye. The word “Las Vegas” came up, and I immediately finished looking at flower sculpts, through on my new Madame X-Teal dress, and rushed down to the ImaginExotica sim (throwing on shoes and jewelry as I hobbled down the stone platform, of course).

I don’t know what system they’re using over at the Bellagio in SL, but this really made me yearn to go back to the strip and watch the show. Or go to the Buchart Gardens in Canada. Or even just slip down to the International Fountain in Seattle. Or… well, you get the picture.

While there are pre-set fountain demos over in Imagine Romance, they really do not compare to the demo show presented by the fabulous Skye duo. If there has ever been a reason to wander away from Sparkle’s dresses to the other side of the store, this would be it. And if your partner likes gadgets, you can leave your love over on that side while you continue browsing!

The system is designed to be simple or complex, ranging from basic fountain work to full on programs with music (which is not included, but instructions to upload your own are provided). The Skyes treated us to a program of 5 songs, demonstrating the various capabilities of the product while providing a visual treat.

The prominent male-figure there is Mr. Creator (sorry for it being the back of his head). He was very patient answering questions and riding along with my humorous antics. I’m finding as I get out more, I have trouble being absolutely serious. I loved his answer to my question about whether he worked for Disney: “Disney can’t afford me.” Great catch, Sparkle!

I was really impressed at all the colors shown, and the change from water particles to more fire-like ones in the show was also very cool. There was one moment that really blow me away when we got to the ‘Wonderful World’ segment…

I bet you there are some technicians out there that would love to get their machinery to fly in the air. This would’ve knocked my socks off, had I been wearing any.

With something as high-end as this, the CASCADE system comes with a shiny pricetag of 3500L for the basic edition. It has its own fountain scripting language and actually comes with a web-based programming/support site that you can view in world at the store. Lag wise, Dominus stated that it causes as much lag as your basic static system, with any problems arising from the client-side or high activity in the sim. Personally, I have to wait on any decision because I have to finish building my land before I get any extras. That, and I’d probably loose Sentrosi to his gadgetry.

So why should the fashion industry take notice of this? Consider the possibilities for runway show amplifications- you can program the water just as you need to, and in SL, clothes don’t get wet. It’s hard to describe what is in my mind, but I visualize a very spectacular, fresh way to present styles and products with this system.

Sparkle and Dominus, themselves, are an inspiring pair. My partner and I are really just digging into creation in SL, and its wonderful to see others making it as a success together. Be sure to make your own splash over in their sims, as they have a lot more to see. Willy certainly wasn’t a stranger during the show.

~ by Terry Toland on December 17, 2008.

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