Gothic Princess – LotD 9/05/08

Originally posted on my SL Go-See blog.

Yes, I am actually alive. Hopefully, no one one was wishing that I’d completely disappear, anyways. ^^;

I put this together when my partner and I decided to go dancing last night at a soft/romantic-tunes hall that we know fairly well. Feeling a little rebellious and bratty, I turned the ‘formal’ code on its head and pulled on my new BishWear Beware ponytail and Ashia Designs Goth skin to turn myself into a sassy, grown-up lolita (if you can do that). My plan worked in catching a few eyes and turning heads as I twirled around the floor with my sweetheart.

So, while waiting for SL to stop being ‘tarded today, I grabbed a few pictures of my ensemble at my sim on the island we have dubbed Exurarus. It features a volcano (that was a pain in the ass to get right), a blacksmithy, and a dance hall/club.

I’ve probably said this before, bu my memory sucks and I think it is worth mentioning again: I’m really proud of this build. I’ve used around 2000 prims to create all of it (we have a void), and it really looks spectacular. Of course, i look forward to the day I can have a full so I can add more fine details, but I am very content right now.

The sim is intended to be a roleplay and recreational area. As in, people can game and take pictures, lounge, dance and other non-roleplay things. I hope to set an example to other places by being more inclusive of both parties in one area. Once I finish up a few projects, I’ll be hosting an opening party for the public. As soon as I can, I’ll post up the event information here. 😀

~ by Terry Toland on December 17, 2008.

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