Killers in the Shadows…

Originally posted on my Sl Go-See blog.

Come now, you’re not afraid of the dark… are you? What could possibly lurk in the shadows?

After the great success of the fashion shows inspired by Rezzable’s Black Swan sim, the lights have been turned to one if its renowned Gothic sims: Crimson Shadow. Audiences will be treated to dark delights by familiar faces, such as Caline Cline and Ivey Deschanel, and new creators that will take your breath away.

Two designers with work to die for I have the absolute pleasure to represent here: Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfreude and Selos Dae of TRAP. It was probably a good thing Selos didn’t stay long at the preview party and Allegory didn’t get a chance to swing in- I might have completely barreled them over with joy. I love TRAP’s intricately detailed skins, especially the unique head tattoos (which have really made me explore the bald look more on my own). The Magic of Oz’s red slipper hunt wetted my appetite for Schadenfreude with a brilliant green gown, and more recently I picked up a chopped-up Elsa skin, so this new Strix gown has hooked me in. Now, if I can make the group space…

I am also blessed with a lovely jewelry set from *Cailyn’s*, which compliments the Eye skin like a rose- soft, beautiful alluring… and potentially dangerous, sharp, and fierce. My hair is also a special for the event, provided from the Stringer Mosoleum, and comes with intricate hair combs. Finally, Treasured Visions has provided just about all the models with sim-inspired eyes.

I have only provided one page to this bedtime tale. It will be up to everyone one of you to traverse the darkness to see the other gems dazzling amongst the crimson mysteries. The first show is this Sunday, October 19th, at 2 PM SLT. The hosts will be very happy to greet you…

…And don’t mind their pointed grins.

~ by Terry Toland on December 17, 2008.

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