Seeing Spots

Originally posted on my blog at SL Go-See.

I found some older random shots lying about, so I thought I’d scrounge what memories I recall and do a little blurb.

Normally, I avoid baby-dolls/empire-waist dresses at all costs, even in real life. They just look too much like maternity clothes and do nothing for the bosom they’re supposed to accent not the rest of the figure they just drape over. But the kuri*style one-piece pinkdot dress was just too hot pink not for me to try it on. And as (literal) luck would have it, I was able to spot myself up and down with the dalmation from miaSofia (which seems to be very popular right now). Now, I don’t have a lot of dogs pieces, but I do have quite a few neko parts (something else I don’t normally put myself in.

My tail is/was from a hunt at Passionate Neko Dreams, and the end does flick about a bit while carrying the bag. With some spotted ears and pink ballet flats, I rounded out the outfit and pestered my partner, as all good kitties do. Afterwards, we hightailed it home and snugged. That’s all anyone needs to know, anyways. 😛

~ by Terry Toland on December 17, 2008.

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