Sn@tch it Up

Originally posted on my blog at SL Go-See.

So, a friend had his audition at the Sn@tch club, Club Mutation, and I decided to dress myself from top to bottom in Sn@tch gear.

Plus for me: Sn@tch often gives out free items and has an awesome riot vend, so I really only needed to buy one outfit.

I picked up the Cabaret set, as the skirt fitted my needs for a the moment, as well as the whole set would delight my partner later.

Not quite sure what I think of the Monster Stompers, but I don’t normally even wear leg-warmers over shoes, so it was good to step out of my comfort zone.

And towards the end of it, Dentine got the job. XD Yay, bro!

~ by Terry Toland on December 17, 2008.

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