As Seen on TV: Kilts

This post is dedicated to two people: Ashia Tomsen and my partner, Sentrosi. It goes out to Ashia because she really wanted a push to get guys to wear kilts more, and to my guy because not only did he have to suffer with my photographic direction, but because he was able to prove that guys can wear folds and still look manly. Now, one of my favorite co-models, Vaalith Jinn, is a male that prefers to dress in feminine airs, and he does so fabulously, so I do not have anything against that style.

However, I am sick of men behind confined to pants.

Females have an array of options, and frankly, I can find it frustrating when I’m dressing myself up for an occasion and he has a suit, a suit, or a pants/top ensemble. It can be so frustrating, I’ve found myself attempting to curse in a mixture of elder-god-squid and fig-cookies. Finally, though, we’ve found some great solutions to my neurotic ramblings.

To start things off, I’d like to look at the most prominent image that comes to mind when thinking about the kilt:

Traditional Kilt look

Well, I’m sure a dark elf doesn’t come to mind, but it’s the best way to work with him for long stretches of time. Anyways, here we have an outfit consisting of a simple tartan* kilt, a long-black jacket, knee-high white hose and short boots. It’s in the formal sphere of fashion, adding color to the black-tie affair or being a comfortable option for sitting at a reception.

The downside is that beyond more formal engagements, this traditional look can be as restraining as suit. It’s not something you can easily kick around in with your buddies. For that, we have to turn our attention to the modern casual, what many of us actually see in Scotland-

Same kilt, but different mood entirely. This is the casual: a basic tee, mid-shin socks, and sneakers turn the traditional bottom into something you can play football in (either version). As with all casual wear, it’s versatile in where and when it can be used. You can also where any casual tops with it, provided you’re not looking to have the top untucked. Unlike women’s skirts, kilts typically have a belt and a sporran, making it difficult to pull a top over. If you are really determined, however, you can modify pieces by removing anything obstructing the shirt and pull down the prims.

The downside may be that it is the ‘norm’, and the color may not always work with what you have. Thankfully, kilts are not constrained to just tartan patternss.

In fact, the right kilt can not only work in multiple events, but multiple seasons. Though it’s winter for us in the northern hemisphere, it’s summer in the south and this surfing-set is perfect for those that want to reflect what’s outside or the sun-love within. This outfit consists of a shorter black-kilt and belt with a thin white tank-top, simple rubber thongs, and shell accessories. Naturally, this simplistic style can be garnered with personal touches, such as ankle chains.

All of these styles utilize the classic cut of the kilt, which is at knee-length or a little higher. This works well for casual styles where a guy wants to show off his leg muscles without wearing latex or a speedo, or in a formal manner with the traditional dress. Yet this can be confining, as much as a short skirt isn’t always appropriate (or wanted) for a woman. Longer lengths add more option to a wardrobe (and can prevent sand from getting in your glitch-pants).

One such style that a longer-cut can provide is a relaxed, lounging outfit. With its mixed velvet-cotton texture, this long black kilt pairs well with a long-sleeve turtle-neck. Personally, I think it’s great for cuddling in, as the warmth it projects draws me in, while the tied-belts allow me to tug my guy closer. Of course, it’s great for just passing out in, as the folds of the kilt act as a small blanket for the legs. Different prints, colors and combinations can be used to create a subtle or bold look, so you can make a statement or blend in at a pajama party.

A longer length can also add a new twist to the formal look. Just as a ballgown can dress a woman in grace, this long-cut wraps a man in a suave air. As seen, you can also have a combination between a print or color with a contrasting texture to continue the line of the open jacket on top to unify the top and bottom.

This outfit also shows how a man can take a female piece and rework it- the gold shirt underneath the jacket is designed for a woman with a cut in the center to accent the bosom. Here with a nice white undershirt, it provides a variety of round and sharp shapes in the ensemble. Along with the kilt, long-button black jacket, gold top and white undershirt, a jeweled white cravat really projects a regal image.

However, there is also an issue- this kilt, in particle, has a no-modify apron (the gold tabard and belts). Not only can this be problematic for certain shapes, but this bottom has a detail that is distinctly Gorean, three rings with ‘slave’ engraved into them. While it’s not immediately noticeable, it could be problematic for certain individuals and venues. As with all products, be very aware of what you buy so you’re not caught off-guard by any issues.

If you need something edgier, both a short or long cut can be used; here, we’re featuring a long style because of the buckles and hooks built into the kilt by the creator. This particular piece has many, many tiny pieces that speak to the dedication of some creator and the persistence of some of us consumers (I actually selected each metal bit to change the tint and shine… multiple times).

Using an open long-jacket with straps paired with the long kilt, black buckle-boots, buckle-bracers, and a buckle-collar to strap up this punk-goth outfit. I also modified a few pleats to add a splatter of red, along with the skin and hair. You can add your own color preferences with modifications and accessory choices. The same plus to this is also the downfall: all the pieces. Not only can it be a pain for the impatient, but it can lag the fark out of you if the connection or sim quality is poor. If you’re going to a land of molasses, you should probably leave the detailed kilts at home, or find a way to cut out prims. You can always just throw on a kilt like a pair of pants and call it good.

A style I accidentally stumbled upon with the long kilt is a style reminiscent of the archaeologist-adventurer, Indiana Jones. The light-brown leather works well with a long, loose jacket, cotton tank-top and fedora. Peaking out underneath are a polished pair of brown shoes.

This set is ready to hit the trails and explore sims, especially those lush with twists and turns. The long length covers the legs to protect them from burs, hot sun, and the accuracy of blow-darts. It also shows just how creative you can be with this article without leaving modern fashion.

Then again, you might want to propel yourself forward – and perhaps through wall – into the post-apocalyptic genre. For this, I modified a casual kilt by staining parts blue to match the tattered tee-shirt, which works well with the spiked cuffs, worn red scarf, shoulder armor, and gas mask. If you are a roleplayer, a kilt can be great to hide items under discretely; if you are visiting an area, a kilt is a great way to hide your modern amenities, such as your cell phone.

Or you might want to travel back to the past. Thanks to many renaissance faires and other historically-touched entertainments, kilts are prominent amongst ye olde fashions. Here we have a simple medieval top paired with a modified long-leather kilt, tinted darker, along with some modified bracers and a sharp, knife-like neck-piece.

Depending on the personality, the look can suit a hero or support unit, and modification can turn you into your own unique antagonist. Either way, you’re not being chained down by heavy plating between your legs.

The White Stag  II

Finally, the kilt style works very, very well for fantasy forms, for not only is it reminiscent of medieval garmets, but it is the most function. A short length, for example, can show off mythical legs or provide a bottom for those with no legs. Here we also have another example of a female outfit wrapping a male in a strong aura whilst he’s crowned by a large adornment of horns. You can read more about this particular ensemble and image here.

So, what have we learned here? Men do not have to be restricted to pants by any means- kilt provide a great option for many styles, and modification of prim parts can make them uniquely yours. Yes, some pieces may require some time to fit properly or customize, but ultimately, it will be worth it.

* Special thanks to Dirk for educating me on the difference between plaid and tartan. Please see the comments to learn more yourself! 😀

Outfit I
Top: (men’s) nyx suit jacket from ~silentsparrow~ and Darcy Shirt cuffs white from Nicky Ree
Bottom: (Great Scot!) Kilt from Color Me Chaos
Hose: (Great Scot!) Socks from Color Me Chaos
Boots: *~*Pirate Boots: Beau/Strapped/Divided/Large from *~*Illusions*~*
Hair: Connor – Obsidian Ivory from Calico Ingmann Creations
Skin: DUST SKIN + NEUTRAL shaved from +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Ears: *~*Drow Ears: Gray Dark from *~*Illusions*~*

Outfit II
Top: Boy in the weeds T from Gritty Kitty (at the GNUbie Store)
Bottom: (Great Scot!) Kilt from Color Me Chaos
Socks: Socks black from from INDI Designs
Shoes: High Top Folds m – Black from MiLOS Designs
Hair: Jet – Frosted Steel from Calico Ingmann Creations
Skin: DUST SKIN + NEUTRAL shaved from +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Ears: *~*Drow Ears: Gray Dark from *~*Illusions*~*

Outfit III
Top: Freebie Surfer Outfit Shirt from ::::LiNe::::
Bottom: Gladiator – Black – Pelvis from Tyranny Designs
Sandals: Thong {Charcoal} from Reaction
Necklace: Eolande’s Shell Necklace w/ tooth- men’s from Accessories by Eolande
Bracelet: Surf Bracelet *White Shell* (L) from M.R.M. FACTORY
Hair: Jet – Flaming Ivory from Calico Ingmann Creations
Skin: DUST SKIN + NEUTRAL shaved from +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Ears: *~*Drow Ears: Gray Dark from *~*Illusions*~*
Surfboard: Hearts Flame from SunSet Designs

Outfit IV
Bottom: *BATTLEMASTER* kilt # from EMO – tions
Skin: DUST SKIN + NEUTRAL shaved from +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Ears: *~*Drow Ears: Gray Dark from *~*Illusions*~*

Outfit V
Top: Lord Darcy Jacket Black + Lord Darcy Linen Shirt Opaque- White from Nicky Ree and (Seinen) ShadowBat- Gold from PixelDolls
Bottom: Wastelands Apron – Viking Tabard – Black from Tyranny Designs
Cravat: Cravat w/topaz brooch from GK Designs
Hair: Aidan II – Obsidian Ivory from Calico Ingmann Creations
Skin: DUST SKIN + NEUTRAL shaved from +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Ears: *~*Drow Ears: Gray Dark from *~*Illusions*~*

Outfit VI
Top: Jacket black long from INDI Designs
Bottom: *COMBAT* kilt # from EMO – tions (modified)
Boots: Blasphemy Boots from SiniStyle
Bracers: Bracelet black smaller from INDI Designs
Collar: Osiris Collar – large from SiniStyle
Hair: +BM+ RIUS Lucky Board from ++BLACK MARIA++
Skin: DUST SKIN + RED ELEMENTAL shaved from +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Ears: *~*Drow Ears: Gray Dark from *~*Illusions*~*

Outfit VII
Top: Leather Jacket.. – Brown from ALPHAMALE and Haunted Skelebeater (sepia) from Schadenfreude
Bottom: Raider from Tyranny Designs
Shoes: HOC Apparel – Skoochers (brown) from House of Curious
Hat: Indy Fedora Hat – Authentic Movie Replica
Necklace: Dog Tags (Large) from SiniStyle
Skin: DUST SKIN + NEUTRAL shaved from +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Ears: *~*Drow Ears: Gray Dark from *~*Illusions*~*

Outfit VIII
Top: torn tee anarchy blue from Grim. Bros
Bottom: *BATTLEMASTER* kilt # from EMO – tions (modified)
Mask: Fallout Gasmask from SARAH NERD’S Freebie Paradise
Shoes: Freebie Painter Shoes (gnu) from (Shiny Things) (at the GNUbie Store)
Cuffs: RUST N SKULL BRACELET from KOSH (modified)
Scarf: 28 tartan-scarf from edge grafica (modified)
Skin: DUST SKIN + NEUTRAL shaved from +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Ears: *~*Drow Ears: Gray Dark from *~*Illusions*~*

Outfit IX
Top: [SK] Peasant clothes (top) from )<Stone Keep>(
Bottom: Raider from Tyranny Designs (modified)
Bracers: Bracelet black smaller from INDI Designs (modified)
Necklace: Davarriale Necklace (Male) from ..:: Genesis ::..
Hair: Jet – Frosted Copper from Calico Ingmann Creations
Skin: DUST SKIN + NEUTRAL shaved from +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Ears: *~*Drow Ears: Gray Dark from *~*Illusions*~*

Outfit X
Outfit: Snow Mummy from Bare@Rose
Horns: *~*Odocoleinae antlers from *~*Illusions*~* (Using silver option + glow mod)
Hair: Flurry in white from Bare@Rose
Skin: DUST SKIN + NEUTRAL shaved from +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Eyes: Glowing Prim Eyes- Silver from [][]TRAP[][]
Satyr parts: Black male faun ears + legs from Titania’s Court by Riann Maltese

~ by Terry Toland on December 24, 2008.

7 Responses to “As Seen on TV: Kilts”

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  2. Great article! I love kilts so much that I only wear pants to visit with “special” relatives (the people who’s heads might explode if I wore one during a visit). I even wear it at work, because I have a very tolerant and diversity oriented employer.

    Thanks for the cool read!

    -Gando (Ken)

  3. Very well done babe, I have to say…you always make me look good! 🙂

  4. Terry-
    Great article! I totally agree with you, guys should have options beyond pants and shorts. I wear a kilt in SL and RL and enjoy doing both. I want to respectfully make a comment: The pattern woven into kilt wool is called a tartan, not plaid. I know, it may sound like I’m splitting hairs but there is a difference. A tartan is a pattern that follows certain loose rules and color schemes, and it is typically associated with a certain clan, a group of people linked by ancestry. All real tartans have the name of the family with which they are associated. For example, the royal family wears “Stewart”. There are a number of Stewart tartans: dress Stewart, hunting Stewart, etc… Other common ones are Davis, Edwards, and Wallace. I am only telling you this because you seem to have a true passion for fashion and I suspect you will enjoy knowing this detail about kilts. I wish kilts were more popular in the US (where I live) but even if they aren’t, I still really enjoy wearing mine.
    Thanks again for your article.

    Dirk Olivier ( SL name )

    • Thanks for the information, Dirk! And really, when people correct me in a kind fashion, I’m all for it! I knew of certain differences in the patterns, but I wasn’t fully educated. I’ll go back and revise this piece to more accurately present this work. 😀

  5. I’m a kilt wearer myself and I like a lot of your pics but you lose me with those long items that resemble a dress. a kilt is a practical garment not a fashion item. once you get longer than traditional length, they lose that practicality. men are not women and will stay away from items that need to be fussed with or accommodated. think “put it on and forget it”

    • That’s a bit limiting to expression, don’t you think? Why should men be only limited to “practical”, as much as women are traditionally limited to the “unpractical”? the idea here is for people to think beyond the box, especially in a virtual environment like Second Life where ‘practicality’ can take a back seat to creativity and expression.

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