Read it in the Magazines: Cyber

As a new-ish model, I fully admit to still learning the ropes of the fashion industry and its fine nuances; it can be especially difficult when real life doesn’t use the same terms as Second Life. Thankfully, my colleagues have been very kind teachers, and this current exploration of theme goes out to Helianthus Mesmer (and hopefully she’ll forgive me for my crash-course usage of vocabulary). The lesson of the day is cyber fashion.

It’s important to note before diving too deep that I’m looking at a broad usage of the term. By “cyber”, I am looking at styles that feature futuristic feels with strong elements of technology, such as in the cut and patterns of the clothing. In contrast, a genre like “cyberpunk” has more dystopian airs, specifically looking at the darker side of this technology and its influence on society. I will try to use terms correctly, but I’m certainly not “with it” in this scene (I usually prance around in chain mail and mud, if that gives you a clue).

(antiHero) Galaxy - Bodysuit - by PixelDolls

For those not interested in pulling out all the wires and metal limbs, a casual look is a great way to step into this field smoothly. Seek out a simple bodysuit or similar set that features lines in a circuit-board or armor-joint set-up. The set I’m wearing here by PixelDolls has many options with the top and bottom, so you can craft how much or little exposure you would like. The boots are also crafted into the outfit, giving it a solid look and placing the ‘seems’ with the lines of the suit. This benefits the outfit by making it look “beyond modern”.

Gift-Space Suit NASA (Orange) F

A Greeny from Rezzable

If you’re looking for a whee bit of whimsy in your interstellar travels, you might dawn a classic spacesuit and helmet for your voyage. As opposed to the previous outfit’s sleekness, the wrinkles and bumps here provide a sort of adorable chubbiness (while still being incredibly slimming; I mean look: my hips disappeared!). The large spherical shape of the helmet adds to the charm, using the same ‘big is cute’ that we see with babies and their large heads. In any case, it works for Greenies.

Curious Kitties dress

In a bolder strain of cuteness is the gothic lolita style. Here, a poofed medium-skirt dress plays upon the factor of round adorability while also providing a canvas for color and shapes. This outfit horizontal lines on the side similar to that of machine vents, while the veins of shiny yet speckled red add to the technological feel. The simple cherry boots also keep with the round shapes. A feature that pops up frequently in cyber-themed hair are strands or chunks of spiraled texture mixed with the base hair texture, which creates a literally wired look. I’ve accessorized with  a pair of shop goggles – great for cutting down solar glare or eluding ocular scanners – and a cybernectic collar. I chose a skin with contrasting make-up to really pull out the cyberpunk side – sweet and pristine while all stitched up and restrained. Finally, as there is more skin showing, I’ve donned some skin-accent layers to upgrade my human look to that of an android.

Giger Suit + Dark Eden bondage

Moving farther down the dystopian path is the sensual urban fall-out set-up. This is actually one of my oldest outfits (minus the mask), so if you ever hear someone referring to me as ‘the crazy green lady’, this is why: green hair, green base and green-laced accessories. Granted, you certainly don’t have to use this color when creating your own outfit. The texture of this particular latex, though, is just perfect for thisgenre, as it brings to mind concept of alien technology and design. The straps and buckles harken to being ‘strapped’ in for launch or down experimination; together, the skin-tight suit and accessories create a temptation from the future (and depending on her mood, it might not be so bleek). The addition of a mask cloaks the individual from the harsh elements while conceling the identity amongst a wave of computers. I find that the dingy eye-glass draws one to look closer and see the life beyond the plastic and metal.

Outfit from Black Knight

Of course, all that is pressed to the flesh is not always interested in getting closer to anyone or anything. Somedays, you might just want to terminate everything around you and repogram it all later. I recommend combining cyberpunk and goth elements for moods of these kinds, as the sharp technological power mixed with dark tones and an interest in death create a bold, lethal combination. The fitted layers allow for a free range of movement, while the short, disconnected armor plating provides a defense and bashing option without breaking fluidity. As with previous outfits, this set incorporates the use of ‘glowing’ color veins in its textures to amplify the technological feel. It is also an example how many places will sell full sets – tops, bottoms, shoes, gloves and accessories – that you can use as is or personalize. I’ve swapped out the original belt for one with more punk roots and modified it to bring it up to date with the look. I’m also using wires from another full set to create a complete look without using a wig, as they balance my skull with the rest of my body. Finally,  I’ve combined a blacked-out eye texture with a glowing-red prim eye to finish off my killer demeanor.

RunoRuno dress

Chi of Chobits in her more apparent 'persocom' form.

This is my personal favorite of the outfits: the dress is of couture nature with its texture and cut, yet it can be worn off the runway by anyone wanting a uniquely-subtle formal. As mentioned earlier, the straps allude to being tied down, but their fewer number and ability to blend in with the rest of the fabric points toward behind-the-scenes restrictions of societal red tape. The high fashion make-up creates a painted-doll feeling, which is enhanced by the buns surrounding the face. I’ve kept the wiring but added a static-eye prim to the right side. By changing the primary colors from black and red to white and blue, the mood changes from destructive rage to quiet, ‘managed’ sadness. The struggle here is not of man against machine, but of the robot trying to become real. The look overall reminds me of the androids in the anime Chobits series, where instead of ‘doll ears’, I’ve used ‘doll buns’.

Helmet + GHOST dress

Last – but certainly not least – is my term project: cyberpunk couture. The quest for this type of look is ultimately what led me to create all the ones previous in the post. The feelings conveyed here are really seeing only the computer and the fashion. Technology has over-ridden the human element of the model, turning it into a living mannequin assimilated into the system; the only thing with life is the clothes. Which are absolutely fabulous, don’t you agree? I’ve used a metallic skin with a grey color so that the body looks mechanical, but it is just the ride shade for the black of the textures to stand out. I gave the helmet a new paint job and selected a green cybernetics upgrade to add a splash of color while still keeping it neutral. It works very well for the theme, for green is also known to be the color of knowledge, money, and motherboards. Resistance to at least trying this out is futile- I got this helmet out of a lucky chair, and places like OMFG offer techno-themed gear for a dollar or similar inexpensive prices. The white couture dress and this black one are also very reasonable (think Bare@Rose prices and lower).

Stops for Shops: Cyber Genre + Accessories


Simple body suits
Nicky Ree

Latex/Wetsuit bases
Kcreations fetishwear
Nicky Ree

Dark Eden
Le Petit Prince
:::Omega Point:::

Full Sets
Black Knight
Le Petit Prince
Nicky Ree
:::Omega Point:::

Inspiration from the Real World:

Urban Security Suit by Tim Smit

Gareth Pugh for TopShop
Outfits by Gareth Pugh (click for larger image)

The artists of Daft Punk

Outfit I
Outfit: (antiHero) Galaxy – Bodysuit – by PixelDolls
Ears: *~*Fairy Ear: Naturals by *~*Illusions*~*
Skin: Sylvan Skin – china white by Nomine

Outfit II
Outfit: Gift-Space Suit NASA (Orange) F by Nicky Ree [free]
Hair: Flapper – Black by ETD
Skin: Sylvan Skin – china white by Nomine

Outfit III
Dress: *C:K* Monoarch Dress – Red by Curious Kitties
Footwear: *C:K* Sainao Boots – Red by Curious Kitties
Neck: Technomancer Collar – Mystek by Dark Eden
Earrings: Black Ofuda Earrings by Dark Eden
Head: Cyber Destiny Princess Goggles by NebuchadNezzar (NDN)
Hair: Cyber Destiny Princess Hair Extension by NebuchadNezzar (NDN)
Tattoo: ::BOt**:: Undershirt + Underpants by Black Knight
Skin: JROCK Group Gift F by [][]TRAP[][] [L$1]

Outfit IV
Outfit, base: Giger Catsuit by Kcreations fetishwear
Outfit, add-on: Black Buckles Mega Set (aka Phobos Set) by Dark Eden
Mask: Fallout Gasmask from SARAH NERD’S Freebie Paradise [free]
Ears: *~*Fairy Ear: Naturals by *~*Illusions*~*
Hair: Karei- light green by ✂ KIN

Outfit V
Outfit: ::BOt**::Spacesuit by Black Knight
Belt: Metis Belt Midnight belt by Dark Eden (modified)
Head: Audiophile cables (part of Cyber girl #663708) by Pleiades Designs
Eye base: Cyber girl #663708 eye by Pleiades Designs
Eye, Left: Spiral Red-eye by [][]TRAP[][]
Skin: OD3 GOTHNEKO StrayCat skin by “DEN-DOU” [lucky chair]

Outfit VI
Dress: UNDress MixMatch Top Dinner Bottom Evening by ~*RunoRuno*~
Footwear: Group Gift Pumps – Pearl by Maitreya [free from subscribe-o-matic]
Head: Audiophile cables (part of Cyber girl #663708) by Pleiades Designs
Hair: Marlei – black by Gritty Kitty
PARADISIS_energies : Mana by PARADISIS
Eye base: Cyber girl #663708 eye by Pleiades Designs
Eye, Left: Spiral Cyan-eye by [][]TRAP[][]
Eye, right: Static eye prim (part of Cyber girl #663708) by Pleiades Designs
Skin: .::[UP]::. Pale – Princess – Group Gift by .Unpredictable.

Outfit VII
Dress: Rain by GHOST!
Head: X.E.I. (Female) – Helmet by BOXED HEROES [lucky chair]
Footwear: Group Gift Pumps – Black by Maitreya [free from subscribe-o-matic]
Tattoo: PARADISIS_energies : Plasma by PARADISIS
Skin: Female_MetalSkin by YABUSAKA [free]

~ by Terry Toland on January 8, 2009.

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  2. I love this entry. Great post 🙂

  3. Very, very cool post… so thorough and so many options! Now I’m all inspired to do another Cyberpunk Kitteh… he he ^_^ Welcome and keep up the great work!

    • Thank you very much! 😀 I’m glad I’ve stirred a little somethin’ within my fellow bloggers. :3

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