Someone Else’s Shoes: Bubble Dresses

If there is one specific outfit that I adore, it is the bubbLe dress from the caLLie caLLine couture line. The shape and design of the skirt bring a bouncy, bubbly air to the wearer that I crave. For me, SL is my place of entertainment, and damnit, some days I want fluffy rainbows!

bubbLe dress (hot) by caLLie cLine couture

The bubble dresses come in a variety of colors and – for those with creative minds – multiple flavors. This first skittle is ‘hot’ and no woman wears a mini skirt with more pizazz and class than a flapper! While the ladies of the 1920s were originally focused on fringe, I believe this knee-daring splash of color would have been equally loved. Instead of a feather head-band, I’m wearing the matching hat atop my curled short-crop. With a knot of beads and hot pink heels, I’m ready to hit the clubs swing’!

bubbLe dress (orange) by caLLie cLine couture (skirt not used)

For more daring couture, I’ve dropped the skirt and let the focus be the dress base. The high detail and layer options allow it to stand alone while working with other pieces from your closet. I’ve gone with a brilliant pair of stockings to match my orange crown and a simple white long-sleeve with orange cravat to allow the gold in the top to stand out. My victorian lace boots also draw on the charcoal and gold in the main article, while a deep crimson lipstick works with the red inlay of the lace. If you’re curious, yes, I’m nuts about colors matching. It can be difficult for me to wear opposing compliments, but you certainly shouldn’t let it stop you.

bubbLe dress (lime) by caLLie cLine couture

The brilliant colors of the skirts and jacket layer of the dress body also lend themselves to the vibrant side of the punk and rave scenes. I’ve donned some fishnet underneath and pulled on my long ribbon boots to concot something of a punk cocktail dress, although I am sure it could be used to crash a party or make a statement at an alternative formal. The radioative cut with it’s large ‘petal’ shape bang ties the round edging of the skirt to the top, while the mini-mohawk plays with the jutting out feeling of the material. The pastel sage of the ribbon lace works with the colors in the bodice, while the neon green jewelry ties it up to make an ensemble ready for headbanging or arse-kicking.

blue bubbLe by caLLie cLine couture

Of course, you can always be simply cute. The bubble skirt reminds me of bubble-wrap and bubblebaths, so I tend to wear my collection where I can pop a heel and ‘teehee’ all around my skyhouse. I’ve paired the blue version with my favorite style of heels – simple, round, and somewhat chunky – and wrapped up my hair in Helena Stringer’s innovative up-do/pig-tail inspired by the Winter Magic at the Black Swan event. The accessories come with the style, with the colors adding a great contrast to the black color while tying the light shades with the heels; the snowflakes also work with the small specks of sparkle in the skirt material, finishing off this adorable snow piece.

the Divine bubbLe dress by caLLie cLine (mini version)

The latest release to the bubble collection has me absolutely tickeled- it comes with two skirt options for both a gown and tea/mini -length. This beautiful white-foam is also inspired by the Winter Magic event, along with the up-do that I am wearing. The detail work in the bodice is beautiful, as the gems are aligned to look like rising, frosted bubbles.  The ensemble also comes with a jewelry set, including earrings, bracelet and ring; I’ve chosen a choker-pearl necklace with a similar feature stone to match the rest, and many jewelry designers have such necklaces. As the dress is a low-cut, you could also opt for a long strand of diamonds or pearls, depending on if you want to accent your collar or full chest.

Bubble Magic

Personally, my favorite way to be in this dress is sitting, as I feel like I’m surrounded by down feathers. In the right atmosphere, it can be a truly magical feeling.

bubble dress rw&blue xoxox

So, you’re probably wondering how the heck I can own all these dresses and call myself ‘broke’. Yes, these dresses are normally L$1300; however, I was able to buy most of these at L$99 or less. By being a member of the CAL GAL group, I’ve received notifications of when Callie Cline is hosting a sale. These sales usually focus on one color (as of late, anyways), and sometimes one of the bubble dresses is part of the special. The Divine Bubble dress from the Winter Magic event is only L$600, as part of the occasion. Callie also creates special gifts for her members, such as the Fourth of July bubble dress featured above. She now has a subscribe-o-matic in the store, so you don’t have to worry about group limitations, either.

Need even more? Eshi Otawara has the gorgeous Kegawa line of bubble-like gowns as part of her winter/spring collection. Check out these images and what other bloggers have to say:

Bengal by Eshi Otawara Chalice Midnight by Eshi Otawara (limited)

Eshi Otawara: Kegawa Bengal and Chalice Midnight by Gabby Panacek of Couture Conundrum
(Gabby’s Chalice Midnight picture actually drove me to go buy one of my own.)

Cheetah by Eshi Otawara

The Cheetah by Gidge Uriza of It’s Only Fashion

Eshi Otawara’s FlickR photostream


Dress: bubbLe dress (hot) by caLLie cLine couture
Neck: Nanna’s Pearls (Plain) by ElectroCUTE
Footwear: Donna -Juicy bday Hot pinkness by Kookie
Hair: Flapper – Black by ETD
Skin: OD4 Heidi -Champagne- /02 Sugar Eyeliner by *DEN-DOU*

Outfit, main: bubbLe dress (orange) by caLLie cLine couture
Top: (orangecream) sprocket (cravat/shirt) ~silentsparrow~
Legs: (orangecream) suzume stockings ~silentsparrow~
Bottom, add-on: sylvan pants (for boots) ~silentsparrow~
Ring: Classic Cocktail Ring by ..:: Genesis ::..
Footwear: *la* victorian boot- venetian lace by The Laughing Academy
Skin: Allure Ivory Vampy by Fleur

bubbLe dress (lime) by caLLie cLine couture
Neck: Living Dead – necklace by junkDrawer
Ears: teardrop earrings by /artilleri/
Footwear: Glossy Ribbon Boot foot – black by Shiny Things
Hair: *TSM* HAZER-BLACK/GREEN TIP by The Stringer Mausoleum
Skin: Natural Green Leaves by SkinSane

Dress: blue bubbLe by caLLie cLine couture
Footwear: Retro Round light blue by .: Periquita:.
Hair: *TSM* WRAPPED – BLACK (+ Hairbow and Snowflakes) by The Stringer Mausoleum
Skin: OD4 Heidi -Champagne- /02 Sugar Eyeliner by *DEN-DOU*

Dress: the Divine double bubble dress by caLLie cLine couture (includes jewelry)
Footwear: Group Gift Pumps – Pearl by Maitreya [free from subscribe-o-matic]
Neck: Pearl Choker (Aquamarine) by Cailyn’s
Hair: PE Odette Charcoal by Philotic Energy
Skin: OD4 Heidi -Champagne- /02 Sugar Eyeliner by *DEN-DOU*

Dress: bubble dress rw&blue xoxox by caLLie cLine couture [group gift]
Footwear: Classic Pumps – Stars And Stripe by Juicy
Hair: Star – Glory by Calico Ingmann Creations
Skin: Tan – Fireworks by {Frick} [free]
Hands: [IE] Sparklers – White by Imperial Elegance

~ by Terry Toland on January 10, 2009.

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  2. Thanks for the link back to my blog! Eshi and Callie are not only two of my favorite designers, they are two of my favorite people in SL…I’m honored to count them among my friends. Excellent post, Terry!

  3. i love this post ty so much. what a great way you styled the bubbles! thanks again, im quite honored.

  4. i love the 3rd picture nice combination

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