Someone Else’s Shoes: The Day of December

If you went to the last Winter Magic show at the Black Swan sim, then you go to see a preview of the new skins by Tuli and hair by Philotic Energy based on real life models – December and Mary Mayhem – of the real world Nocturnal Models Agency. This was a surprise not only for the audience, but us at Nocturnal Modelling in SL. In less than 24 hours, I became personal with the looks of the Swedish Blonde Beauty.

We first received a change in plans on the day of dress rehearsal; our manager was also battling tummy troubles. She suggested I just find some pink lingerie and call it good; after goofing off a bit in a teal set and some pigtails, I set out on my quest to put together a few options for my ailing boss. This set, while seemingly simple, proved to be a pain in the arse and I would want to improve later on. I was able to find the latex corset fairly easily, but for some reason, cotton booty shorts and simply text tees are not in season. I would like to find some simple white bottoms and a top with a lower-scoop neck with print in the future in case I want to try pulling this off again; looking back at the comparisons, though, I think I did a pretty good job for the limited amount of time (and brain energy) I had.

In contrast, I am very pleased with how I was able to replicate December’s lingerie look. Granted, straps on long under-tops also appear to be out of season, but this set by *Casa del Shai* used the same soft rib look and fairly simple details while providing me a similar shade to what is worn. *Shai* was also one of the designers featured in the Winter Magic event, so even more of a match for me. This also clearly shows her unique shape – on the shorter side, fuller rectangle frame, lean arms – that was very interesting to wear versus my regular slightly taller, cruvy form. For you reckle fans out there, the skins do have lovely speckles disperesed throughout the skin, just like the real model. It does not, however, come with her tattoos (to my knowledge).

December Gem

This shows how freebies can pay-off in the long run: the red dress I’m wearing to match the Swede’s cocktail/formal look is from the lucky chair at Zaara (another Winter Magic designer), while the shoes were free from Baby Monkey. Sure, I could have probably gone off and sold my first born child to SM for one of their prosthetic feet and gold sandals, but the focus is up higher on the dress, skin and hair.

December Magic - Final WMBS Surprise

This is my crowning achievement. The differences are minute and the mien is the same: bold, poised and sexy. It’s a cross between Aphrodite’s sensuality and Artemis’s attitude wrapped up in modern threads and futuristic details. However, I did pay the price for snatching this goddess look: I bought two of these dresses and three pairs of similar-style shoes. Lesson learned: do not shop at 3 AM. I know I will use the minis in my day-to-day wear, but I’m going to need to figure out something special for the trio of platform heels.

At the end of the day, it was another great learning experience for me as a model and gave me another taste of the demands of this work. For those that say modeling is boring, they’re really not grasping that it’s not just dress up and stand on a poseball. Just as roleplay isn’t just improv story-telling and building isn’t just throwing prims and textures together, modeling involves a lot of challenges and a need for creativity and quick thinking. It can be a tasking activity, and I’m thankful to work with the humorous bunch at Nocturne Modelling and always in debt to my supportive partner (who has to deal with my neurotic antics and flailings before, during and after work). If you’re curious about this field of fashion, I recommend joining SL Go-See to get an idea of who does what, both specific models and agencies, as well as other information.

Outfit I
Top, main: Pink Latex Corset by Draconic Kiss (part of the Fetish Basics Corset Pack)
Top, under: Tee Call Me by Emery
Bottom: **Mis** Booty Board Shorts – Pink by Mischief
Hair: December Long Hair by Philotic Energy
Skin: NMA ~ December 04 by Tuli
Shape: NMA ~ December shape

Outfit II
Top/Bottom: The Marquise Lingerie Set – Plum by *Casa del Shai*
Hair: December Long Hair by Philotic Energy
Skin: NMA ~ December 06 by Tuli
Shape: NMA ~ December shape

Outfit III
Dress: Fulvari – red (lucky chair special) by Zaara
Footwear: Strappy Sandals – Gold by Baby Monkey
Hair: December Long Hair by Philotic Energy
Skin: NMA ~ December 05 by Tuli
Shape: NMA ~ December shape

Outfit VI
Dress: Wrap tank mini dress(White) by Ce Cubic Effect
Footwear: Coquette Noir Shoes: Clarissa: Silver by Indyra Originals
Hair: December Long Hair by Philotic Energy
Skin: NMA ~ December 01 by Tuli
Shape: NMA ~ December shape

Outfit V
Dress: snow glass suite by ~silentsparrow~ (part of the ’08-’09 Winter Magic at the Black Swan collection)
Footwear: Myth Boots Satyr -Winter-Black Swan by Lazy Places (part of the ’08-’09 Winter Magic at the Black Swan collection)
Hair: December Pigtails by Philotic Energy
Skin: NMA ~ December 03 by Tuli
Shape: My own. 😛

~ by Terry Toland on January 10, 2009.

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