Look of the Opening Day: Zaara + Cupcake

Zaara Opening - Golden SunsetCupcake Opening - Sugar Rain

So, to my knowledge, there were two openings today- one at Zaara’s new sim and then the opening of the Cupcake sim. Fittingly, I had two looks. I’m feeling lazy – and that’s what LotD pics and posts tend to be spawned from – so I’ll let the pictures talk. 😛

Zaara Opening - Down By the Waters

Cupcake Opening - My Cupcake

Zaara Outfit:
Dress: Fulvari – red (lucky chair special)y By {Zaara}
Footwear: Maxine D’Orsay Pumps Red by SKGShoes
Wrists: Bangles – Gold by [Ruffian by FP] (L$1)
Head: FallnSariBindiGhasa by FallnAngel Creations
Hair: Ivy – Black by *TRUTH*
Ears: *~*Mystic Ear: Fairy/Naturals by *~*Illusions*~* (gold option)
Skin: Sylvan Skin – china white by Nomine

Cupcake Outfit:
Dress: WB striped mini dress by *GiGi Couture* [limited freebie]
Footwear Winter magic Phoebe Snow drop by *Kookie*
Jewelery: Cuppycake Birthday Set (+ modified anklets) by {Violet Voltaire}
Stockings: Candy Socks STAR(short) by amerie’s NAUGHTY
Hair: Cani – black by Gritty Kitty
Eyes: Eyes – Mirror Green by Celestial Studios
Skin: NINON light / special model for Hotel Dare by (Milk Motion) [freebie]
Tattoo: *mia* STAR DESIGN -Multi- by miaSofia

~ by Terry Toland on January 13, 2009.

7 Responses to “Look of the Opening Day: Zaara + Cupcake”

  1. oops, how odd that we both posted the same dress. I am glad, though, that our photos and styling are different enough so that people can appreciate them differently. I love the kneeling shot you did.

    • Oh, with as many people as I’ve seen groveling at that chair of Zaara’s, I’m lucky there haven’t been more! And really, it is all about how you can take the clothing and make it your own.

      Thank you very much on your comment about the kneeling picture- I had to do some major photo-shopping work to get it that way. Well, major for me, anyways. XD

  2. I love the Cupcake outfit… omg those stockings! what a cute addition.

    • OH gosh, yes, I saw these stockings originally on my modeling co-worker December Dollinger, and I had to steal them from her look. I love them so much! X3

  3. (comment x-posted from iheartsl) I can’t find the WB striped mini dress from GC anywhere and it makes me very sad. Don’t care if its free, will pay for it… I just wannnnnt ittttttttt.

    • If I recall correctly, it was a limited freebie from one of the GiGi Couture shops. That either means it went up in price at one point or doesn’t readily exist in world now. Currently, I also cannot think of any places that sell any similar minis… but I’ve also been reading the archives of an online comic for the last 24 hours, so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. ^^; Sorry I cannot be of more help!

  4. alas, i guess i will have to live without it. *sigh*

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