In the Rolling Stone: {Frick}

The skin market has a plethora of options, especially since the introduction of the Eloh and Szemra templates for creators. The range in vendors plus the typically expensive prices can make shopping for a new face incredibly daunting, with some individuals just sticking to one designer to stay on the safe side. Unfortunately, this leads to not a lot of dynamics in the make-up department, which is a heart-attack for a shapeshifter fae. So what’s one to do?

Fly to {Frick}, of course.

Click to view larger Tan and Chocolate tones in Retro Glam makeupI’ve been infatuated with Fricka Morgath’s work since a St. Patrick’s season or two ago when she added green lips to a brilliant green eye make-up option. Since then, I’ve gathered a large collection of her work, ranging in variety from retro glam to geisha beauty and all the goth and fantasy in between without sacrificing a limb in payment.

Frick’s natural skin tones include goth, peaches, tan, and chocolate. There are no demos (skin tone packs only cost L$30) but you can try out these lush options via her Flourish free pack. The make-ups elegantly use colors to create dramatic effects, while the lips carry a shine to give the mouth depth. Her more conventional make-up lines include the Cinder, Disco Sheets and Retro Glam lines, though some of the Neko skins may also be considered for those seeking a subtleClick for larger of Tan in Winter Swirl and Peaches in Shamrocked! boldness in their visage. There is some minor variation between skin color within tones due to her updating and improving over time, but I found it very minor. Honestly, I love the rich brown she’s chosen for the newer Chocolate skins, and I might just make an outfit focusing on them alone.

Fashion Make-Up
This is the area where Fricka really makes her mark. In a market filled with basics, {Frick} provides a wealth of colorful and intricate designs. Each one is unique, carrying airs of whimsy, mysterious, or femme fatale, depending on which face and how you wear it. The ones I use the most often are the Shamrocked! set (for obvious reasons) and the Starlight line, as the stellar bursts and lolli-lip options are great for pulling off a fairy or Munchkin look. Other great lines include the Fae, Flurry and Geisha. There are many more that I could list, but you’ll either have to go by the store or look at her blog to see them all.

Click for larger of Peaches in the Starlight series

The other field that Frick shines in is pure fictional indulgence. Thanks to Fricka’s own adventures across the metaverse, we get amazing pieces such as the Blue Fantasy Skin. She also has another cerulean tone called the Snow Fairy, but if you don’t want blue at all, you could always be a lovely shade of Pink. A line of Dark Elf/Drow skins available, too, with six make-ups separate and bonus on in the fatpack. There’s even a male version for the guys. If you’re ever int he mood for creating a dream or traversing a shadow realm, these are perfect for the occasion and dress beautifully with any attire.

Click for larger of Blue Fantasy, Drow - Archmage and Drow - Huntress

Goth & Horror
While Frick has a ultra-pale skin tone called ‘goth’, there are also make-ups with a decidedly dark elegance to them. Some only come on the porcelain tone, but others such as the Secret Knives and Wits or a Dagger lines come in all four of her natural skins. The sharp contours in these styles create an edgy look that can be dressed up in piercings and buckles or black and crimson Victorian lace. Since this past October, these sets have been complimented by a collection of Halloween skins, which feature two extreme make-ups – one bloodied and one cracked – for the beautifully twisted and two full-colored fantasy tones for horrifying dreams. I don the Witch skin often, as I find the enchanted swirls upon the emerald skin great for a wicked ensemble or playing an misunderstood princess. It’s also one of Frick’s dollarbies.

Click for larger of Goth - Lace Mask (Unreleased), Vengeance and Witch

In addition to the delectable terrors, Fricka also released a set of eyes to compliment her designs. I’ve been eyeing them and finally bought the six-set for L$75 and have used only them in these photographs. I adore the bright blue Anime gaze, especially when paired with the Starlight skins, and the jade orbs of Plague have my green senses pleasantly tickled. Though this is the only set right now, I do hope she tinkers again with eyes, as she does excellent work with concept and shine.

Oh, and did you know she does nails, too?

Just Engaged - Jewelry Exposition 2008 Entry

Forgive my picture quality, this is one of my older works as well as one of Fricka’s. She has a whole line of 14 different colored nail polish layers for fingers and toes, and a special rainbow set in her fatpack. These work with all of her skins and may work with other Eloh and Szemra skins by other creators.

Corset Piercings
Finally, Frick carries a beautiful specialty item: the corset ribbon piercings. These are hand-crafted and a wonderful option for the open-back dress or halter. The different dark and lighting shading allows the variety of colors to not only match whatever you have in your closet, but also set the mood. In combination with the straight or corset shape, the dark or light highlighting on the satin textures can help set the mood for your silhouette, even when you’re not looking directly at your audience. Another great feature is you don’t have to get them redone every 5 to 6 months and it’s as painless as adding on or removing a clothing layer! (Which really depends on how SL is doing that day, I suppose.)

Click for larger of Harvest, Red and Green Corset piercings

If the products and prices do not draw you in, then you should turn your attention to the generosity of Fricka: she often provides a plethora of freebies and dollarbies to the general public, as well as exclusive group gifts to her subscribe-o’ listees. I’ve personally used the Shadows Unfurled geisha group-gift in a modeling show before, in addition to flaunting the lolli-lips of Starlight or vivd green designs of the Shamrocked in contests. Fricka is also very tolerant of neurotic fans, such as myself. So what are you waiting for? Flaunt your Frick!

FrickaFrick~! (Unofficial {Frick} Ad)

End Note: Did I mention Fricka was tolerant of crazy fans? 8D

~ by Terry Toland on January 19, 2009.

8 Responses to “In the Rolling Stone: {Frick}”

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  2. Awwwwww!! I’m going to squeee now, thank you so much for all the kind words, I really can’t say how much it means to me! <333

    • Squee to your hearts content, Fricka. You’re one of the creators that are filled with awesome-sauce and deserve attention. ❤

  3. I love this!! When some designers, even IRL can’t seem to get but one new idea about once every year, Fricka comes up and excutes very well I add, several new and impressive ideas every few months!! Its amazing!

  4. **claps** I love her work!

  5. I agree, Alter, Fricka has such a great variety and its hard to forecast what’s going to pop up next (unless she gives us previews). As demonstrated, not only are they so different, they’re also versatile.

    It’s good to see her gettin’ love, Emerald! 😀 She deserves it.

  6. Even when she gives previews, its hard to know what’s coming.. 😀

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