Life out on the Street: SL Web Markets + Emergencies

Here are my two, non-professional thoughts on these matters. And since I only woke up half and hour ago, I’m going to stay away from trying to look like a lay expert and be off the wall. First, I’d like to start with the “emergency”-

From the LL Blog:

We are scheduling a 60 minute maintenance window beginning at 5:30am PST. During this window, we will be migrating our central database to an optimized slave database, and making that slave the master. In this way, we expect a significant bump in performance and wanted to take this action as quickly as possible, most especially before our highest load times over the weekend.

I hope I’m not the only one that questioned how the Gorean fanatics read this. I’m not talking about the people who enjoy it just as a roleplay game; I mean those hard-core individuals that may have difficulty separating fantasy from reality. Maybe it’s just me being twisted, but it’s amusing to consider some ‘master’ or ‘slave’ flipping out over how the computers are switching places.

On the acquisition of XstreetSL and OnRez, I hope we can go back to calling is SLX. I still type in in order to get to the site (yay for auto redirect). I wonder how this will also affect all the pr0nz items being sold. Well, it will probably affect all those pacifiers more, as LL will probably see them as “inciting ageplay”. In the end, I just better get a free vendor.

~ by Terry Toland on January 22, 2009.

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