Someone Else’s Shoes: The Day of December II

Rezzable is releasing the new Immortals line – skin, hair and shapes based off of real models – with a launch extravaganza at Crimson Shadow this Saturday from 5-7 PM SLT. The Gothic-grounds keepers have employed the talents of DJ Heroin for party-goers’ enjoyment and will also be awarding a total of L$15,000 that evening- L$7,500 for the best December or Mary Mayhem lookalike and L$7,500 for the best “male arm candy”. Of course, everyone’s a winner at this celebration, for there will be a discounted price on a special pack created specifically for this event: one makeup, hair, and shape will be set for sale at L$1200. You can read the full details here.

But what to wear?!

Fortunately, not only do December and Mary Mayhem each have their own gallery pages on the Nocturnal Model Agency website, I’ve already recreated a few looks of December to give you a starting point. Perhaps some of you can actually improve upon what I’ve pieced together, hmmm? Here’s some helpful tips: if you got the opening gift from Ornamental Life, the Remember Chloe in Starry Night is a purple corset-lingerie set with straps; WoE may also have some better tops with writing across them, too. If you’re interested in playing Mary, check out SerinaJane Loon’s blog post on her!

Personally, I’m using the NMA blog to recreate this tantalizing set-up


Oh, and if anyone can find me a pose like that or create one, I will be a very happy blogger. X3

Outfit: The Kona Monokini (Onyx) from Designs By Cleopatra
Gloves: Gloves White from Bare@Rose (modified)
Footwear: *Maika* Black from [KA] DESIGNS
Neck: *~*Graced: Expo Gift from *~*Illusions*~*
Hair: December Long Hair from Philotic Energy
Skin: NMA ~ December 06 from Tuli
Tattoo: Tribal Arm 4 Tattoo from *Ink Inc.*
Shape: NMA ~ December shape

~ by Terry Toland on January 24, 2009.

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