Money is Such a Problem: Wearing the Same Damned Thing Challenge

I swear, I’m not procrastinating on the work I have been given; a lot has been done behind the scenes, and now it’s just getting it all to the forefront and presented. So, for those of you have been waiting for something out of me, thank you and just a little longer!

On this actual post subject, I originally saw the Same Damned Thing Challenge on Fashion Ascension while browsing The title grabbed my curiosity, and after reading through Stacie Pryor’s entry, I tripped all over myself on my way to Achariya Rezak’s original challenge. I was absolutely tickled with the infamous blogger’s proposal (as well as her excellent use of green in the photos). There was only one minor matter I had to consider before responding to the challenge: I don’t do Armidi.

Thankfully, Achariya provided insight to this matter in her answers to my comment:

Achariya Rezak said… Hey Terry! Yeah, I had a feeling that Armidi would be a controversial choice, which is part of why I picked it. >3 I wanted people to think about why bloggers make the clothing choices that they do… But sure, anything goes, it’s just for fun ^^

So, I will dispense a little method behind my madness here.

Samed Damned Thing Challenge II

I chose to do a top with little else because one of the most attractive visuals to me is a woman stealing her man’s clothing. I love my partner dearly, so for me, this says, “I love being wrapped in your embrace” and “I feel secure and confident when you hold me, physically or emotionally.” While I support women’s independence, I personally prefer to have a masculine rock to give me stability in my life, as I struggle with the challenges that come with being self-supported. I may do a variation of this in the future that will relate to a more innocent, child-like side to this idea.

Samed Damned Thing Challenge I

I did try to find a skin I might not normally wear, as I enjoy having a diversity of items. However, after putting on a bunch of skins, I came back to {Frick}. Not only is Fricka just a cool person, but her Peach tone worked the best for what I was going for – not too light or dark in the Caucasian category, and well shaded. She really takes the Eloh and Szemra templates to another level, especially her newer works. The other skins I tried on were either too pale (such as my beloved China White in Nomine; I need to up date my Ultralight collection…), had a strange yellow-green tint to them, did not have the shading I wanted, or were actually just not pale. While it is ultimately up to them, designers should be considerate of their labeling. A coconut meat tone label should not look be used for a skin that looks like milk chocolate (I have no skins labeled ‘coconut meat’, but you get the idea).

Samed Damned Thing Challenge III

The Cambridge Cuffed Shirt was swapped out for the Womans open office shirt-black 3, another partially-buttoned that comes with a collar and cuff rolls. Many of the items I have in my inventory I have gained through frugal means, as the top was from a hunt at the Starlust Motel at some point. The lingerie from Blacklace was also in a hunt, the Magika hair and hat was from a hunt, too, and the shoes from Truth were not from a hunt, unless you had difficulty locating them in the store at the time. I chose a lighter skin tone because I identify with that shade most, but also because there is a slight alpha ring on the bottom of the shirt. For this same reason, I also chose a light-colored lingerie, but not too light that it would not show against the skin. This shade of lavender, with the natural dark feel of purple but softened in shade, worked wonderfully.

I don’t do Armidi not because they are a large brand. It’s not because many in the fashion realm prefer to wear it most of (if not all) the time. It’s not because of their expensive prices. It’s not even because of the epic tales of lag there.

They botched an April Fools joke in 2008 really bad on their website.

Scroll past the outfit break-down and picture if you must know more detail than that. Otherwise, go check out all the other responses to this challenge! (Sorry for being late!)

Top: Womans open office shirt-black 3 from Naith Smit Design
Lingerie: Enticing Desires : Violet from ~Blacklace~
Footwear: Balmoral Pump [long black] from *TRUTH*
Hand: Calla Lily, Hyper-Gems Wedding Ring from JCNY
Fingers: Baby Pink Manicure from {Frick}
Hair: Fedora – Red E from Magika Hair
Skin: Peach – Flourish v2 (Large Lips) from {Frick}
Eyes: Mirror Green from *Celestial Studios*
Furniture: Intimate Bed No.05 from Instinct
Build: SKYBOX BK from =Hazelnut Leaf=
Poses: Super Chick, Strip Tease and Sunny Day from [Long awkward Pose]

Samed Damned Thing Challenge IV

I don’t mean they told a really corny joke, either- for a large, well-known brand, they were very sloppy about the ordeal. They basically listed a bunch of creators that said they were joining the Armidi team (including the owner of artilleri). I don’t remember the exact dates, but it was a little before or on April 1st that they made an announcement. Later, they made another blogpost about new Armidi designers being released from the team; it was not till five or more days later that they edited the first post to say it was an April Fools joke. I’m not sure of the status of these posts today, considering the blog has been merged with the Armidi shopping site and I refuse to make an account just to browse something. Personally, I value humor very highly and it has to be used appropriately (as I’ve posted in the past, I’ve made my own blunders and work to take responsibility for them), and the norms associated with this holiday are particular, albeit basic: those that are tricked should be told as soon as appropriate the truth. Things between friends can have a lot of leeway, with the whole story not being revealed until years later. However, with a company – especially in regards to business relationships – makes a joke like this, I would think it very important that they clarify the day of or the day after the statement is made. These are real designers who could have been seriously affected someway. In addition, it also showed to me that the Armidi blog maintainers really didn’t care about communicating with the public- they’d get to it when they felt like it. Neither of these situations would be accepted for a large company in real life, and from what I’ve been told, that’s the image Armidi wants to present.

I don’t want to get started on the giftcard mess or the website access. I think this is a decent enough rant reason.

~ by Terry Toland on January 31, 2009.

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  4. […] to not shop at a place because they do not agree with actions of the creator(s). In example, I don’t shop at Armidi, and now I’m not going to become terribly involved – if at all – with the Best of SL chain. […]

  5. […] to not shop at a place because they do not agree with actions of the creator(s). In example, I don’t shop at Armidi, and now I’m not going to become terribly involved – if at all – with the Best of SL chain. […]

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