In the Rolling Stone: Roll the Dice & Beats

Dice Beattie’s clothing lines [Roll the Dice] and Beats have certainly gotten around the fashion sphere: Khitten Kurka and Felicity Blumenthal were part of the introductions back in September, Bayberry Lilliehook and Fionna Bracken showed us how to style, Stella Semaphore and Gogo showed us the variety, and Ding Fotherington even flashed the freebies. So, what’s left for a writer to do?

Go out on the grid, of course!

Roll the Dice & Beats III

While it’s all well and good for people to buy creators’ works, there is a certain human fulfillment when the people use it (preferably more than once). Consider the following excerpt from Alpha Auer’s article The Work of Art in the Age of Computational (Re)Production *** from Not Possible IRL:

One of Laura [Beloff]‘s biggest gripes is that the wearables which she creates do not really get used as such, inevitably ending up as exhibits in museums or sophisticated art venues such as Ars Electronica. Occasionally a person may put them on and wander about a bit, but by and large they are not part and parcel of everyday life in Real Life. They do not get worn long enough to evoke “behavioral change” in the wearer. Laura wants people to play with her output and to change whilst doing so. They do not. They watch, they wonder, they admire and they talk about it. Oh yes! Do they talk! And maybe they try it out – just maybe, not always… But in Real Life that is far as it seems to go.

While Dice’s outfits do not include a wearable fruit fly farm, they are bolder in color than mainstream lines and carry a bright personality with a humor between Napolean Dynamite, Earth Girls are Easy and Dr. Seuss. This playful nature can easily make clothes stay in the closet in favor of a “safe” alternative. One way to combat this is to get get a new fashion sense, which is a lot easier said than done. Another, more reasonable way is to go to places where these looks fit the environment.

Personally, I was really excited to get to work on this, as it was a great challenge for myself to find interesting, vibrant places to visit and photograph. This first image I stumbled upon through a virtual artist’s picks (I’m sorry I forget your name): nishi Beach. The eccentric tropical landscape was perfect for the cyan How We Roll Tee and Pink Gym Shorts from the [Roll the Dice] ([RD]) line, and the large Green-Pink Tie Die Shades were great as I kicked back on the sand with a simple pair of sandals. The nishi beach has a large area to explore, including a range lounge area near the landing point and very detailed flora. Photographers and inventory sorters will also enjoy the build option; as always, remember to be considerate and pick up after you’re done.

Roll the Dice & Beats II

Thanks to Bettina Tizzy‘s Not Possible IRL FlickR group, I was able to find a bunch of spots to explore, including the Brooklyn is Watching exhibit. I chose the Horse Of Course Tee and Damask Jeans Tintable with Summer Silk Pattern Bandana Four (all from [RD]) and a pair of basic flats to wander about the virtual art project. The rainbow-esque vortex at the entrance is my favorite piece, for not only does it change visually, but audibly. If you’re like me, you’re going to enjoy walking (or running) up and down it a few times before checking out some of the other works on display. If you are an artist, you are encouraged to put your art out for SL residents and Williamsburg gallery visitors to see. You can find out more information at the BIS website.

Roll the Dice & Beats IV

Probably the one of the most popular outfits and the ensemble that bridges between [RD] and Beats is the Swirly Cyclone Jacket and Swimsuit. Named after the infamous fashionista, I thought it best if I filled out the piece and threw on a wig. What I really like about this outfit is not only is it in between casual and high fashion, but I plays between genres: without the jacket, I could go hand out by a pool, while if I threw on a pair of leotards I’d be ready for an 80s bash. I swung by the Club Merlot at Haskin Falls Estates to shoot this outfit, as it’s rich tones and atmosphere provided a great background for the suit and jacket to stand out on.

The venue, itself, plays a variety of music, depending on what DJ is in. I recall one day there being techno, and another night rap. They are currently reworking the schedule, but the owners are more than happy to answer questions. The overall atmosphere is warm and inviting, whether you’re wearing slacks or a suit.

Roll the Dice & Beats I

The Playtime Dress is a major example of the retro influence on the Beats line with its fitted skirt and lego-buckle belt. The short Yellow Gloves are a wonderful option to use with this and other dresses, providing a new option for those seeking something classy but not all the way to the elbow. After pulling on a pair of shin-high white gogo-platform boots, I made my way to Prados Azules. This Spanish sim is simple yet delightful, using basic atheistic from childhood to create a whimsical atmosphere. If you’re looking for a nostalgic place to kick around, you you should drop in here and follow the various paths (or find one less traveled by).

Roll the Dice & Beats V

Yoga Army dresses

What stood out to me about the Dakota Dress from Beats was the similarities to the designs of Yoga Army, which was recently featured in Deja Vu, International:

“The primary inspiration was to have both a seductive style and comfort simultaneously. Most often men can attend any events wearing comfortable shirts and jackets to keep them warm while women are usually freezing in barely there clothing and high heels. We wanted to keep the silhouettes sexy but tried to keep the waists from being too tight, and if short, keeping the body very drapey and fluid so that the focus is not only on the expose leg but on the movement above…” – Sany Wee of Yoga Army (Deja Vu Intl, Vol. 17 p.29)

Dice’s pea-green mini is also loose and fluid, making good use out of the avatar cloth feature. The non-fitted shape questions the concept of established beauty while still being practical and cute. Paired with the Orange Gloves and Orange, you can create a very sassy and long-legged look, especially when just wearing a basic pair of heels. With this bright yet natural color palette, I went to Remedy for pictures. This area is home to Eshi Otawara’s famous Flower Tower, but it also features other art and interactive structures that, like the Dakota Dress, asks residents to think.

Roll the Dice & Beats VI

Last but not least,I donned the Lemon & Lime Dress, one of the more formal options from Beats. the neon yellow and green play continue to bright attitude of the brands, making it wonderful for those that need to dress-up but still want to portray a strong vivacious vibe. For this mermaid-tail dress, I traveled to the Emerald City in the Magic of Oz sim. If you have not yet been to MoO, you are missing a lot- this tribute to the Wizard of Oz series is absolutely fantastic and by far one of my favorite sims. A lot of detail has gone into the textures and shaping of the landscape, and the concepts are enchanting whether you’re in Munchkin Land or the Witch’s Castle. The MoO owners often hold parties around the holidays, including formal dances at the jeweled castle. Be sure to hit one of the subscribe-os there to keep up-to-date with activities and other information.

For my first review request, this was a blast. I applaud Dice Beattie for his bold and playful lines, as not only do they encourage SL residents to adjust their perspectives on fashion, but also to go to new places, as I’ve found in my excursion. Both [RD] and Beats carry reasonable prices, with [RD] ranging from L$50 for a pair of gym shorts to L$120 for the four pack of shades, while all of the Beats line is L$300 or less. I feel the major area for improvement is the detail in the wrinkle and shading lines on the tops and skirt prims, as they are harsh and unsteady. Otherwise, there is no lack of creativity here, and I’m very thankful to be selected to write about these great fashion options.

P.S. Dice Beattie has a blog – check it out for updates and more information!

nishi Beach
Top: How We Roll Tee from [Roll the Dice]
Bottom: Pink Gym Shorts from [Roll the Dice]
Accessory: Green-Pink Tie Die Shades from [Roll the Dice]
Footwear: BEACH SANDAL/PINK/LADYS/ from “B11” Mall
Fingers: Hot Pink Manicure from {Frick}
Toes: Aqua Pedicure from {Frick}
Eyes: Abduction: Large/Aqua ~Treasured Vision~ by Malkavyn

Skin: Green Dream – Peach (Freckles) from {Frick}

Brooklyn is Watching
Top: Horse Of Course Tee from [Roll the Dice]
Bottom: Damask Jeans Tintable from [Roll the Dice]
Accessory: Summer Silk Pattern Bandana Four from [Roll the Dice]
Footwear: Ballet flats – gold from *PERSONA*
Fingers: Aqua Manicure from {Frick}
Eyes: Abduction: Large/Green ~Treasured Vision~ by Malkavyn
Skin: Green Dream – Peach (Freckles) from {Frick}

Club Merlot at Haskin Falls Estates
Outfit: Swirly Cyclone Jacket and Swimsuit from Beats by Dice Beattie
Footwear: Ginevra Green Shoes from – Giusia –
Fingers: Hot Pink Manicure from {Frick}
Toes: Hot Pink Pedicure from {Frick}
Hair: Lesley – Frosted Midnight from Calico Ingmann Creations
Eyes: Abduction: Large/Rose from ~Treasured Vision~ by Malkavyn
Skin: Green Dream – Peach (Freckles) from {Frick}

Prados Azules
Outfit: Playtime Dress from Beats by Dice Beattie
Hands: Yellow Gloves from Beats by Dice Beattie
Legs: Blue Tights from Beats by Dice Beattie
Footwear: JarethBootsWhite from FallnAngel Creations
Eyes: Abduction: Large/Blue from ~Treasured Vision~ by Malkavyn
Skin: Green Dream – Peach (Freckles) from {Frick}

Outfit: Dakota Dress from Beats by Dice Beattie
Hands: Orange Gloves from Beats by Dice Beattie
Legs: Orange Tights from Beats by Dice Beattie
Footwear: Group Gift Pumps – Green from Maitreya [free from subscribe-o-matic]
Eyes: Abduction: Large/Hazel from ~Treasured Vision~ by Malkavyn
Skin: Green Dream – Peach (Freckles) from {Frick}

Emerald City at Magic of Oz
Outfit: Lemon & Lime Dress from Beats by Dice Beattie
Hands: Green Gloves from Beats by Dice Beattie
Legs: Yellow Tights from Beats by Dice Beattie
Eyes: Abduction: Large/Green from ~Treasured Vision~ by Malkavyn
Skin: Green Dream – Peach (Freckles) from {Frick}

~ by Terry Toland on February 2, 2009.

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  3. […] been a swirl of activity in my life as I finished my first review, submitted my first blogger meme, prepare for the upcoming Digital Alchemy show, and have been […]

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