FT: With a Cherry on Top

With a Cherry on Top

There’s been a swirl of activity in my life as I finished my first review, submitted my first blogger meme, prepare for the upcoming Digital Alchemy show, and have been honored with other opportunities to showcase designers’ pieces. Today’s juicy look comes from Lemania Indigo Designs, using treasures discovered in the CUPID’s ARROW Hunt

Cupid is on the loose and he is shooting arrows but seems to be missing everyone and they are landing everywhere! There will be over 100 arrows spread all over the sim. I will have at least 50 and the other shopkeepers will be adding lots of fun things!

Feb 1st to Feb 28th 2009

Lemania & Summer

Lemania and her group of awesome-sauce assistants dropped boxes on bloggers with a few of the gifts that would be available in the hunt. When I pulled the Cherries gown out of the package, I immediately ran up to my studio and dug around my giant Mary-Poppins inventory for complimenting props. Sweet things lead to more sweet things, and I set out a giant pink cup of hot tea. The twirl of the skirt folds is smooth and quick, adding to the playful nature of the textures.

Also included in the hunt is the Queen of Hearts Skin, which originally pairs with the separate Queen of Hearts outfit treasure. However, it fits delectably with this ballgown, as well, especially with a cute up-do. The succulent sculpted Cherries pin is included in the Cherries dress gift, and while I’ve stuck it up a bit on my bosom, you might also consider positioning it lower on the middle hem top of the dress or – if you’re feeling just a wee bit sassier – put some tape on your collarbone and mount the accessory there.

Worried about the smaller details? The CUPID’s ARROW Hunt also includes many different items, including the Cherries dress’s matching shoes and bag (shown earlier). Swing down to Lemania Indigo Designs and pick up these sweet treats and more while you can!

Treasures Displayed:
[LI] Queen of Hearts Skin Box (31 of 50)
[LI] Cherries Shoes (43 of 50)
[LI] Cherries Box (44 of 50)
[LI] Cherries Handbag Box (45 of 50)

Hair: Brat – Cherry Vanilla from *Diversity Hair* [L$1 for fatpack]
Eyes: Mirror Green eyes from *Celestial Studios*

~ by Terry Toland on February 3, 2009.

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  2. […] Finally, an outfit I’ve already pieced together (and you may have already snagged) is the Cherries ballgown from the CUPID’s ARROW Hunt at Lemania Indigo Designs. You can find this treasure, the matching accessories, and much more scattered over the area (read more about it here). […]

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