Look of the Anti-VDay

Anti V-Day I

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m behind the times, but bear with me- I’ve got a pretty packed schedule. I guess you could’ve call my Valentine’s Day mundane- he didn’t get me flowers and I didn’t bust out the lingerie, nor did we go into any seriously sappy events. At the same time, I rather enjoyed it. My partner and I are pretty mushy everyday right now, anyways.

This look was put together for Violet Voltaire’s Valentine’s Day Party, as there was a contest for ‘Best Anti-Valentine Outfit’. The focus was on being a bit gory while cute, as well as aiming for colors opposite of the holiday’s prime choices. Katat0nik’s (bloody) Katty Dress was perfect, as it has a small skirt leaning towards the school-girl style with a nice splattering of crimson and uses monotones and green. Add some runny make-up, possessed eyes, wiggy pigtails and a still-beating heart, and I was good to go. All of the contestants got to stand on stage (although Vivianne staggered a bit in her awesome drunk costume), and all of us – not just the winner – got a prize. There was also a pinata that we smacked around and snagged goodies out of. Thanks again, Violet, Lala and company! 😀

If you’re looking for some Valentine humor, check out Tymmerie Thorne’s Less Than Three Times a Lady post.


Outfit: (bloody) Katty Dress @ *HoM* from *katat0nik* [L$1, found at *House of Munster*]
Arms & Legs: Crypt Crawler from SiniStyle
Footwear: “Tie me up Dolly” shoes Green from .:Periquita:.
Jewelry: Love Like Blood – Emerald Set from {Violet Voltaire}
Hand: heart 3.0 beating funtion from Vain, Inc. group
Hair: Sally – Black from *TRUTH*
Skin: Grace Fair Anti V-Day from [PXL] Skins [pick reward gift]
Eyes: Vengeance 1 from {Frick}

Oh, and here’s a real romantic picture of Sentrosi and I:
RFyre Romantic Photo Contest, Picture 1 ~ Sentrosi Broek & Terry Toland

Outfits from RFyre
His skin from Nomine
Her skin from LF Chai
His hair from Calico Ingmann Creations
Her hair from /Fuel/ [modified, found at Savoir Hair]
Necklace from Alienbear’s Designs [Xmas 08 gift]

~ by Terry Toland on February 19, 2009.

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