In the Rolling Stone: Ravenwear

This isn’t so much a review as a reflection. To be honest, I probably would not be into as fashion as much if not for the involvement I had in Ravenwear. Raven Lament’s “Anti-Trend” line not only features various goth, latex and urban designs, but was active in the past with interacting with her customer base. It was a second place entry featuring my partner (I was the photographer!) that got us into Ravenwear Live Pinips group and our first modeling job. There was a certain thrill in an artistic sense of the runway walk that brought a new life to SL, and it was one of the aspects I considered as I re-evaluated my time and activities.

Raven Reflection I

Raven invited me to participate in the Fashion for Fido show in June 2008, which was a real surprise. Tickled with the opportunity, I dived in to really give it my all. Sentrosi and I invested in couple animators so we could walk as a pair for the matching Dark Desires outfits, and we spent outside time learning the runway machine. (Yes, we had a machine!) The show was a blast, raising US$775.11 for K9 New Life Center, and I couldn’t wait to do it again.

It was through Ravenwear I met Helianthus. She directed the group of us models (which, to my understanding, is like herding cats), and I really looked to her as an example during that beginning stage. Heli must have seen something in me and my partner, as she asked me if we would like to join a budding agency, Nocturne Modelling Agency. After squealing giddily, I sent in our resumes’ to our future boss, Voshie Paine.

Fashion for Fido Promo - Violation Dress II

Today, I’ve walked in three separate events for NMA, dipped my toes in print, and helped out in other various ways with the agency. As an artist, working as a model has been really fulfilling, for SL modeling is far from static. It involves a dynamic interaction between the user, the items, environment (which includes area and environmental factors, such as lag), and time that can culminate into something very beautiful.

Night Elf Mohawk II - Statement

Ravenwear is currently retiring most of its inventory. I am not privy as to what this is connected to, but I urge others to stop by the shop and see if anything that makes them feel a little deviant from the norm.

Raven Reflection II

~ by Terry Toland on February 24, 2009.

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