Money is Such a Problem: Posemaker Challenge

So, Achariya has posed another challenge, quite literally. To be honest, I have four posemarkers that I use regularly and would be a mess without. However, I’m going to focus on the one who may be the least well known and I’m going to present it in a way I don’t normally style myself in- neko!

:::sunflower poses::: is a project of Helianthus Mesmer, and not only does she know how to show a pretty face, but she has developed a unique line of animations. The first pose I ever received was “that thing you always wanted to do from the matrix”. I highly recommend not only picking it up, but wear a mid-length formal dress and rotate your camera around yourself. Speaking from experience, it’s way better than swallowing any pill. You might be so amused you find yourself stuck there for a while, so be sure to pick up the other move in the set to free your mind.

Posemaker Challenge - Sunflower II

Ennoia of the Malkavians I There is a wide variety of poses available, ranging from dramatically different to simple life. To my knowledge, all :::sunflower::: animations move the avatar in a fluid manner from stop to finish, so they can be placed in photo stands, animation overrides, or even model HUDs. I often use “heartbroken” (seen in the middle) for photos and stances as I find it so versatile. Probably the greatest use I have seen for “vampires never sleep” (shown on the left) is when a photographer took a fellow model – who was wearing some Deviant Kitty hair with particles – and hung her over me in a shoot, so it looked like it was snowing… or that she had really bad dandruff. Either way, we had a blast. The poses really support creativity, as I can use “oh poo” (shown on the right) for modeling shoes or a dramatic running scene.

Posemaker Challenge - Sunflower I

Desert Sunflower Helianthus has also started exploring props, and her first item in this line is the seat crate. Featuring pose and shadow, it’s yet another exciting blossom in her field of options. She also offers custom pose creation if you need a specific contortion (provided if you’re nice and she finishes her notecard of information).

I chose this cyber-neko look because not only does the latex allow clear visuals of the pose movement, but Heli was also the one that educated me on the cyber genre. As :::sunflower poses::: is a little different and perhaps not used as much as other labels, I also grew some flickering ears and fluffy tail that I do not normally well to bring out that sense of playful individuality. And of course, I chose golden hues to play upon the natural colors of the flower in the brand’s name. Heli offers her poses for little $Linden so you can start your own collection easily. Swing by Heli’s shop and brighten up you SL a little bit today!

Outfit: The Jokat_Neko Bodysuit_Yellow from PARADISIS
Footwear: Hitch Hiker Boots from Domestic -V [modified; freebie?]
Hair: Alora – Bronzed from Calico Ingmann Creations [in-store group gift]
Head: Spotted Neko Ears from Beehead Studios [modified]
Skin: Cat Classic Tabby Brown Skin from Grendel’s Children
Tail: Cat Tabby Brown Tail from Grendel’s Children
Eyes: Eyes – Mirror Amber from *Celestial Studios*
Face: Ari-licious Black Whiskers from Arianna Design’s
Ari-licious Black Whiskers from Arianna Design’s
Mouth: *~*Vampire Teeth from *~*Illusions*~* [lucky chair or $L50]

The other posemakers I lurb:
Long Awkward Pose
Striking Poses
[Imperial Elegance]

P.S. SP and and [IE] are both in the same sim. XD

~ by Terry Toland on February 25, 2009.

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