Mayor of DC: Peeves

My blog, my little venting space. Please read below if you honestly want to see what’s on my mind. I’m not doing a formal post because I don’t have time to be irritated the whole weekend.

Presented in order of which I have already talked about them:
1.) Lack of tact.
2.) Being oblivious or rude to others to fulfill your own entertainment needs.
3.) Misidentifying things and being nasty about it.
4.) People only reading what they want to read and being nasty about it.

A.) Just because your avatar gives you a level of anonymity doesn’t excuse you from being rude. It’s not a magical cloak that will make you invisible from people that are insulted by your actions nor shield you from people who call you out on it.

B.) Why do I have to be the only one that changes when it is someone else being an asshat? Honestly, is that helping? The elephant or gorilla in the room metaphor mean anything?! Allowing people to be rude by just covering it up with mutes and the like does not make the whole world rainbows again. You don’t just sweep shit under the carpet, as things continue to smell.

C.) Not reading things carefully happens, and while it is really irritating to me (I work in a library), I can deal with it. And yes, some of my posts have been on the negative side in commentary, but I try to generalize and point out the good and when things are exceptions when possible. So being nasty towards me is just uncalled for.

D.) Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I haven’t experienced starvation, but that doesn’t mean it’s not out there in the world. Using only your own experiences to justify things is a very low logic level in psychology, and just does not bode well for mature representation.

In short, I’ll get over myself if you get over yourself.

Not posting this anywhere but my own blog, and if it goes to the feed, hopefully I can get some more understanding or at least neutral commentary if people decide to leave anything.

~ by Terry Toland on February 28, 2009.

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