Look of the Girls’ Day

Hina Matsuri

On the 3rd day of the 3rd month, brilliant costumes and intricate furnishings take center stage across the land of the Rising Sun. Within homes, a tiered royal court is displayed; at the seashore, nobles board ships to sail across blue waters.

Oh, did I mention that these are dolls?

Hina Matsuri – the Japanese Doll Festival or Girls’ Day – is based on beliefs that negativity may be passed from a person to an object. During this tradition, the decorated dolls are intended to ward off evil spirits at the home while the sea-bound figures are to take impurities away, specifically with girls in mind. When the celebration is over, families hurry to put away their mini Heian-style courts (having them out longer is believed to make it harder to marry off a daughter) while the ocean-farers are collected when all the spectators are gone and burned (to fully cleanse matters).

I was inspired to do a look based on this idea because of an e-mail newsletter I get (and forget to unsubscribe) from Tokyo-Pop. While I do not watch as much anime or read as much manga as I used to, I still consider myself a fan of this evolving Japanese art style.

Outfit: Blown a Wish from Bare@Rose
Hair: Blown a Wish from Bare@Rose (part of set)
Skin: Geisha Skin from *Sweetaholic Kimono Shop* [group gift (in store?)]

P.S. Yay, no complaining! XD

~ by Terry Toland on March 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Look of the Girls’ Day”

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  3. Kimono’s are making a comeback – yay!

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