Look of the Birthday Barbie

Goth Barbie I

We should… like… go to the mall…

Akasha Divisadero posted a little challenge in celebration of Barbie’s 50th birthday: dress the infamous doll as a goth. I really wanted to work the multiple sides of goth (rebelliously gritty and deadly Victorian), so I chopped her long blonde locks and slipped her into a black mid-length/full-skirt dress. To maintain her signature look, I kept her basic face and made pink a primary accent piece.

Keeping in line with reflections of self, such as with Pink Shirt Day and Women’s History Month, Barbie is an icon of American culture that speaks volumes about its growth and challenges. On one hand, the plastic figure has developed a sizable resume’, going from simple shopper to Presidential candidate, as well as her diversity of friends. On the other side, Barbie’s unrealistic physical proportions and Caucasian-ethnocentric lifestyle leaves more to be desired for the pro-active feminist (which, like pink, are not limited to women). Some girls burn or toss their Barbies as a personal ritual of transforming from a girl to a woman (I gave my giant green tub of dolls to some younger girls across the street), while some will collect them throughout the ages and watch her evolve through the ages. In my view, she represents a lot of the American Woman today: where are opportunities are endless and the aim is to be perfect, we still make mistakes and are working to grow.

Perhaps one day we will have a San Francisco Barbie and Tina couple set, or Barbie’s Executive Boss Esperanza. Personally, I’d rather a girl have a Barbie than a Bratz doll, any day.


Goth Barbie II

Outfit: Twisted Swiss Noir from House of RFyre
– Underlayer: Lilith Candykill Stocking from [Dark Eden]
Footwear: Glossy Ribbon Boots – black from (Shiny Things)
Neck 1: Black Buckles Collar from [Dark Eden]
Neck 2: Glitterati – Pink/Black Necklace-nonscripted from {Violet Voltaire}
Ears 1: Harajuku Girls: Pink Earring from {Violet Voltaire}
Ears 2: SweetHearts Earring: Stupid Cupid from {Violet Voltaire}
Hair: Kensei 2 – Blonde from *TRUTH*
Skin: Erin Light – Barbie Girl from La Sylphide
Eyes: Romantic Frost Eyes from *Sin Skins*
Pose: C-Barbie9a from [Long Awkward Pose]

~ by Terry Toland on March 9, 2009.

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