Look of the Whisper

Vampire's Whisper I

Mosquitoes are thick out there in the darkness;
It’s too hot for me to sleep.
I see faces in the shadows in the walkway,
I hear voices in the sadness of the trees…

There’s something strange about you-
The way your feet don’t touch the floor,
The way you sit up there on the window,
The way you quoth, “Nevermore…”

I’ve watched you dance in the garden;
I want to be just like you…

– from the song “Haunted House” by SPF1000

Vampire's Whisper II

The luck has changed in the chair at Crimson Shadow, now holding a ruby gem known as The whisper of the feather. The nature and sway of the ensemble is like a kiss from the Black Swan, blown by an eerie breeze to the dark lands of vampires. You can add this elegant piece to your wardrobe if the throne displays your letter, but best hurry- these treasures are only so easily in your grasp for a limited time.

Pose I: Lisa Kudrow Dollarbie Pose from Striking Poses
Pose II: Show-Off from Pffiou!

Dress: =The whisper of the feather= Crimson from Crimson Shadow [lucky chair]
Footwear: !Skulltique Sculpted Pumps from Rebel Hope
Ears: *~* Fairy Ears from *~*Illusions*~*
Skin: The Eye 03 F Tone1 Red (comes with The Eye MOVING Scripted Glow) from [][]TRAP[][]
Eyes: Spiral Red eyes from [][]TRAP[][]
Location: Crimson Shadow Rezzable sim

~ by Terry Toland on April 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Look of the Whisper”

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