Mayor of DC: African Affair

African Affair I - Katat0nik Animal Crackers Entry

(Pardon if the details are inaccurate; this is all based on what I recall from the hours of watching the Discovery Channel.)

Both being herd-based herbivores with similar travel patterns, the impala and zebra are often found in the same areas on the African plain. A common area to see both species is at a fertile waterhole, where both can freely drink from the shores edge and graze upon the green sprouts on the bank.

Here, we see two members of each animal very happily sharing the same area, perhaps even showing signs of friendship.

African Affair II - Katat0nik Animal Crackers Entry

The impala appears to be a male, while the other female. Perhaps the nature of their opposing sexes is allowing them to forego their differences…

African Affair III

…Strangely, the two appear to have bonded, despite special differences. One can only ponder what is driving them- could it be a lack of maturity in each, unable to identify proper allies and mates amongst their herds? Are their instincts cross-wired due to other chemicals or hormones in the air? Or could it be individual differences that naturally set them apart from their own kind?

African Affair IV - Katat0nik Animal Crackers Entry

The zebra appears to be, ummm, yielding to the impala. Very fascinating…

African Affair V

…Oh my…


In case you’re wondering, this set is for *katat0nik*’s Animal Crackers FlickR contest and was all inspired by Katat0nik’s Making Memories dress and a discussion in the SL Bloggers Network group chat. If you want to blame someone, I highly recommend Achariya. 8D

Outfit: (zebra) Animal Crackers dress (short version) from *katat0nik*
Wrist: Harajuku Girls: Pink Bracelet (LEFT) from {Violet Voltaire}
Hair: (HF2008) ALLEGORY – BLACK TIPPED from *The Stringer Mausoleum*
Eye I: Spiral Cyan -eye- from [][]TRAP[][]
Eye II: Shy Rose Eyes from *Sin Skins*
Skin: Haunted White F Lips from [][]TRAP[][]
Legs: Snow female faun ears + legs from Titania’s Court by Riann Maltese

Pose I: Gift Pose 1 from aKai [Easter Hunt at Crush Row gift]
Pose II: 48-BB-sitonfloorgift from BehaviorBody
Pose III: Rawkstar2 from [Long Awkward Pose]
Pose IV: /me daydreams from <Slash Me Poses> [opening gift]
Pose V: Poses Ground3 from CnS e-motion [opening gift]

~ by Terry Toland on April 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Mayor of DC: African Affair”

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  3. Oh, nice job. I quite love what you’ve done with the, um, wild game.

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