In the Rolling Stone: WindMeUp

I hold the lock and you hold the key…

They say it’s darkest before the dawn, but they never mention how long this darkness will last. I’ve been struggling to keep going, telling myself just a little more time, just a little further down the road, but my gears are starting to give out. Just need to go on a little more… a little, a little, a little… Well, the little things are adding up, and I could truly use a little support from the world.

Wood Doll IV

My boots led me to a garden recently, where I was able to escape the circles beat into my floors from turning thoughts. My eyes fell upon strange and wondrous things as I tread amongst the blue poppies; my head stopped churning while my chest filled with sweet-scented air.

Wood Doll I

Whispers lingered amongst the meadow, and I stopped to take a listen. They asked ‘Who am I?’ and then ‘Who are you?’, and I couldn’t quite give an answer to either. The places inside that could crank out a solution had since rusted. With no response, the murmurs quieted, and I was left with a gentle ticking in my ear and soul.

Wood Doll III

This looked is focused on the accessory on my back, the Lire’s Key by Torq Benelli of WindMeUp. He graciously presented the trinket for review, but it unlocked something a bit deeper inside. The detail and textures combine simple Victorian grace with the strength of Steampunk, and the crystals in the supporting circles are reminiscent of dragonfly wings, adding a natural feel to the overall work. I was a bit skeptical at the price of L$400, but then I started clicking with it and playing with the menu. Not only are there two different ‘touch’ menus and the options are unique (“Terry Toland, you can’t tickle a key. Are you daft?”), but the key can smoke and ‘burst into flames’ (much better than an Xcite option, if you ask me). Update, permission, texture/color and a bunch of other functions are also included, which appears to be standard on all of WindMeUp keys. If you are searching for something classic and unique, treat yourself to one of Torq’s works. Perhaps you’ll wind up in your own dream garden.

Wood Doll V

I’ll give you love if you… you turn the key…

Wood Doll II

Outfit: rustnoir limited edition ❤ from ~silentsparrow~
Footwear: a*~*Miriel Granny Boot from *~*Illusions*~*
Ears: Dollie Earrings from {Violet Voltaire} [part of set, cheapie]
Neck: Dollie Necklace from {Violet Voltaire} [part of set, cheapie]
Back: Lire’s Key from WindMeUp
Hair: Marlei – black from Gritty Kitty
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – gold flakes – opal (m) from Poetic Colors [current limited freebie]
Skin: Sylvan Skin – china white from Nomine
Pose I: miss photogenic from :::sunflower poses:::
Pose II: Huntin Wabbits from [Long Awkward Pose]
Pose III: Roseo chair (I’ll look it up later :p)
Pose IV: Only the Brave from [Long Awkward Pose]
Pose V: Fresh New from [Long Awkward Pose]
Place: The Manor in the Morels sim (private residence owned by friends Ashia Tomsen and Kenlee Slade).

~ by Terry Toland on May 6, 2009.

6 Responses to “In the Rolling Stone: WindMeUp”

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  2. Mmmm, what a lovely post. That’s my favorite color of that dress too.

    • Thank you, Ach. ^_^ I’m glad I was able to snag this in rust and verdant; I just won a contest, too, I believe, so I was able to grab them. I truly love the shades of brown Hya uses for her pieces, as they’re not dull at all.

  3. These pics are simply beautiful!

    • Thank you, Lizzie! I was really fortunate to be invited to Ashia’s for a little bit. Summer can’t come fast enough so I can redo some land.

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