Life Out on the Street: Date Debate with Myself

Cupcake Opening - My Cupcake

We interrupt this stream of appreciation and school stress to discuss something semi-important and semi-sweet: the debate of dates between Me and Myself, the spring-boarding example being Cupcake Day. For the benefit of the audience, here are the background facts on the issue:

  • May 8th, 2009 – Leaf of SOM declares May 15th International Cupcake Day on
  • October 15th, 2008 – Cupcakes Take The Cake blogger Rachel and commentators report that there are three nationally recognized days for cupcakes (National Chocolate Cupcake Day on October 18th, National Vanilla Cupcake Day on November 10th, and National Cupcake Day/National Lemon Cupcake Day on December 15th).

Me’s stance: Celebrate good times!
Myself’s stance: Farkin’ research, people!

As I’ve stated in the past, a date does not always matter, especially if the message behind it is important. This was actively demonstrated with the Yes! anti-bullying campaign during March, which was based on the ideas of Pink Shirt Day, held on February 25th. Promoting awareness of this issue should not be confined to one day, as it doesn’t happen on just one day; continual awareness is really the only way bullying and harassment can be properly addressed. The same thinking holds true for holidays like Christmas- researchers and historians mostly agree that Jesus of Nazereth was probably not born on December 25th, but some time during the spring. But this fact should not detract from the reflection and greater symbolism of the day. The date of Thanksgiving in the United States has changed multiple times, but it remains a major time that many Americans gather together, share the goods of the year, and stuff themselves full of food before passing out in front of a football game.

And there’s cupcakes with this. I lurv deh cupcakes.

However, part of me is irritated. Perhaps it is because I love cupcakes and the memories of childhood joy that points me to a protective stance. While I’m far from vanilla, there is something about the innocence and purity of these baked delights that deserve respect and not to be exploited as a marketing tool. As Blogger Appreciation week was recently declared, it is possible that a ‘declaration trend’ may be a contributing factor, as much as gridwide hunts have been ‘in style’. The idea that it’s “international” is also bothersome- what power does this creator have to create a new holiday and make it internationally recognized? Yes, Second Life is used across the globe, but why should people recognize it? What is significant to cupcakes on May 15th? Did Betty Crocker release the first baking book this day? Or is this just a crock pot of advertising that was made up on a whim?

And if you read this far and are feeling hot under the collar, read the first stance again. I do not think poorly of Leaf as a person; this is purely based on the idea presented to the public. I honestly don’t know if I’m for or against the idea, hence the presentation of both sides. Frankly, if this post does anything, I hope readers either find it amusing of how silly and nitpicky we can be over matters in SL, interesting how users will just make things up to support themselves, or simply that cupcakes are awesome. Because they are.

~ by Terry Toland on May 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Life Out on the Street: Date Debate with Myself”

  1. it’s about time cupcakes have come into their own. we’ve underappreciated this baked good for far too long!

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