Look of Freedom

Look of Freedom

As a passive freebie blogger and an active member of the freebie community, I’m putting my L$1 forward. However, I’m not going to wave my fanny in anyone’s face and tell them to kiss it; I think a lot of us have had our fill of the anger. By stating a few thoughts simply, perhaps I’ll add to a solution or compromise rather than feeding the flames of controversy.

Outfit: Wrap tank mini dress(Green) from Ce Cubic effect
– CE often participates in the Creators Stamp Rally events, offering a free item to those that acquire a stamp card through buying an item priced L$100 or more at any of the participating CSR shops. CE has also donated full priced products to the freebie blog, Baking Cupcakes, when it held its first party.

Neck: Capricorn Zodiac Necklace, Round/Gold (F) from (luc) fashion jewelry (formerly known as -EARTHTONES-)
– Lucas Lameth offers six vintage, high-quality jewelry sets (necklace, earrings and bracelets) at his main store, which are next to two lucky chairs. He has also given away free items to his groups and others, such as the 7 Ultra lounge.

Footwear: Frenzy Banana – Brown from Maitreya
– The Group Gift Pumps set, a welcome gift to Maitreya’s subscribe-o-matic, is an absolute must for the multi-faceted fashionable lady, containing 15 different colors. With new releases, the brand also selects members of its update group to receive a new product for free.

Ears: *~*Fairy Ear: Naturals from *~*Illusions*~*
– At the main store towards the new releases, there is a table on the left decorated with boxes of freebies and dollarbies. These include Siyu’s own creations, including jewelry, masks and even a plushie cat, but also starter kits for new players. Siyu often drops gifts on her update group and always offers a free souvenir at her balls.

Skin: The Eye 01 F Tone1 Green from [][]Trap[][]
– At the store in Twilight, TRAP offers high-fashion/harajuku skins for males and females for free alongside the other full-priced products. Selos also drops gifts, such as glowing prim eyes, on the TRAP/Penumbra update group from time to time.

Eyes: Plague from {Frick}
– Fricka offers a wide variety of beautiful Eloh-based and Szemra-based skins, ranging from simple to exotic at upload-fee prices. In addition to her inexpensive wares, she offers gifts and dollarbies throughout her store, frequently changing them.

Pose: Classic Right from [Long Awkward Pose]
– This pose is part of the Red Carpet set, a full-priced animation package that was offered for free during a Retrology sim hunt. Dove has free animation-overrides and a package of chubby animations in her store for free all the time, and she also offers exclusive gifts during various hunts. She even has an offer for bloggers: consistently cite the pose and its creator, just as is done with poses, and you can receive an animation pack designed for fashion blogging for free.

The only free thing I am wearing is the PRIM LASHES L1 B1 from !CYBERNETIC, and that’s because the only eyelashes I have ever bought are extremely fashion-oriented and not appropriate for this look. I don’t buy lashes often because my eye-shape doesn’t get along with them. Excluding that and the post, everything else was bought for more than L$10, the most inexpensive being the eyes from {Frick}. The point here is that not only are their customers in the freebie community, but also designers. And not just creators that are struggling/foregoing quality: well-known, high-end brands partake in the interaction. Therefore, the issue cannot be one-sided; if we’re going to start pointing fingers for a wrong, it needs to be looked at on both parties.

Furthermore, if we include designers – the givers – it is more difficult to classify the freebie community as a whole as ‘greedy’, ‘selfish’, and overall ‘rude’. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with Fricka, Selos and Siyu, all very strong and wonderful people to talk to. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, to blanketed label everyone that enjoys freebies as ‘entitled assholes’ is as absurd as calling every Furry a perverted, zoophiliac moron. Just watching the blogosphere, we see users that dump loads of lindens on expensive items and they believe that the universe revolves around them. If we’re going to look at this psychologically, we can refer to the concepts of inductive and deductive reasoning:

  • Inductive: Reasoning from specific to the general. E.G., a person knows that ducks are a type of bird; therefore, all birds are ducks.
  • Deductive: Reasoning from general to the specific. E.G., a person knows that birds have certain features (wings, beaks, lays eggs, etc.); therefore, since a duck has these features, it is a bird.

Psychologists classify inductive as a lower-level of reasoning, commonly exhibited by children who have not entered adolescence. Adults, however, may engage in it if they choose to use less energy and effort by engaging in mental shortcuts. This is a way that stereotypes are created. With that in mind, but some thought into your perceptions.

~ by Terry Toland on May 9, 2009.

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