Blogger Appreciation Look #2 – Fricka


Day Two of Blogger Appreciation week (as it best works for me) falls upon a Saturday, so I’m focusing on someone who helps me shakes loose of the everyday and just cannot get enough of: Fricka Morgath. The owner of {Frick} skins and other items, she writes about her fantasy travels in a very real way that draws me in; the accompanying photos she shares are captivating, and I often just want to jump into the screen to experience it with her.

I admire Fricka for a few reasons, one being that though she’s had low points in her life, she’s managed to come through (something I’m hoping to accomplish). She also doesn’t just share her SL explorations, but her travels through World of Warcraft. That probably doesn’t seem like much, but it gives me a greater glimpse into the realm without actually participating; as a regular Warcraft fan, it’s wonderful to have more concepts to play with in my mind. Probably the utmost reason why I’m shining my spotlight on her is because she is so kind and humble. I still remember how I asked if she could make the original Shamrocked! skin with green lips, and she not only replied, but she whipped it up in no time. So Fricka, thank you for being so awesome!

The outfit I put together in honor of this sweetie is based on Fricka’s choice of super, goth-pale skins, fantasy attire, and something related to WoW. My skin is actually one of her works (and you can see a lot more here in my {Frick} review), and the best Azeroth item I could fine was the Lunawell from October Rust, seen here in the sim of Dusk. Fricka has much more amazing pictures of it, so definitely go to her page if you’d like to see more.

Outfit: Queen’s Pink Dress from ::: Bare@Rose ::: [past hunt item]
Footwear: Signature sandal – silver & gold from Lassitude & Ennui [L$1]
Head: Queen’s Dress Pink Headpeace (Nose) from ::: Bare@Rose ::: [past hunt item]
Hand: Queen’s Dress Wand (Right Hand) from ::: Bare@Rose ::: [past hunt item]
Hair: Holly – Ivory-Night from a>TRUTH<
Eyes: Anime (Teal Starlight) from {Frick}
Skin: Goth – Frisky from {Frick} [past hunt item]
Pose: ballroom queen from :::sunflower poses:::

~ by Terry Toland on May 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Blogger Appreciation Look #2 – Fricka”

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  2. <3333 Awwwwwww!!!! *blushes* You are too sweet!!!!

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