In the Rolling Stone: LI – Fight Like a Girl

We’re not dead yet…

LI - Fight Like a Girl III

Oh, we’re not gonna take it-
No, we ain’t gonna take it-
Oh, we’re not gonna take it anymore!

We’ve got the right to choose it,
There ain’t no way we’ll lose it-
This is our life, this is our song!

LI - Fight Like a Girl II

Is that all you got..?
I’ll take your best shot…
Is that all you got..?

Is that all you got?!
I’ll take your best shot!
Well, it’s alright! It’s alright!
I’ll take your best shot-
I’ll take your best shot!

Boom! Here comes the Boom!
Ready or not, here comes the boys from the South!
Boom! Here comes the Boom!
Ready or not – haha-
How you like me now?!

LI - Fight Like a Girl IV

I admit, I’ve been bad about blogging things I’ve been given. Part of it is due to finals and tough times that have arisen out of that; another is that are lot of them are freebies and I’ve cordially, privately left my writing position at Freebie Telegraph. But when Tapika dropped a folder on me recently, I knew I had to make time for it. Lemania Indigo Designs‘s Fight Like a Girl set for Relay for Life really moved me. The two aforementioned songs set the soundtrack while a grungy hospital room set the stage for the character of a true fighter to come to life: a woman who’s held in tears during examines, gritted her teeth through radiation, battled against beauty stereotypes, and withstood patronization by the ignorant. A hard-as-nails, true grit fighter.

LI - Fight Like a Girl I

I know a lot of us may be having ‘goodwill fatigue’. That’s probably not the right term, but the same thing accorded the year of Hurricane Katrina and all of those horrible disasters that occurred during the same time- so many people needed help, but it started to really wear on people’s emotions (not just their wallets). Right now, we have about a month till the Relay for Life season is officially “over”, and not only are many shops participating, but there’s so many events going on focusing it. Then there’s other fundraisers happening simultaneously, like the Maseno Project. While it would be great if all of you ran out and purchased Fight Like a Girl, I’m going to put forward this bit of advice: reflect on what is important to you and really push for it. In my case, Relay for Life is a big issue- I had a happy, healthy grandfather who abruptly died from stomach cancer that could have been treated. I’m also very passionate about AIDS in the American gay and lesbian community because it affects one of the most beautiful men I know, as well as bullying at all ages and domestic violence because I’ve been on the victim end. While I’m not particularly active, I’d also love to get involved with Habitat for Humanity, as it makes a powerful, physical difference in people’s lives and I’m a carpenter’s daughter. For better or worse, I’m not so much into African relief efforts, preservation of the rainforest, and saving the giant panda. All are noble, wonderful causes, don’t get me wrong: I’m just one small woman with a heart only so big that gets tuckered out easily.

But every person is different. And that is what’s beautiful: some of us will fight cancer, while others will work to protect the environment, and another group will save animals from extinction. At times, we may even all work together, with preserving a certain species of plant leading to a cure or ensuring a creature lives on. We just each need to know where are strengths and hearts are.

LI - Fight Like a Girl VI

For the shots, I did add on to the outfit to make it more clean around the edges. While Lemania creates many, many pieces from different styles and concepts, I do wish she would pull back on the reigns for a moment and look at the small detailed that could really take her products farther. The above shot is the full outfit, and just by adding a basic white underpants to extend the tee, adding some prim cuffs, and a sculpted collar, I feel it really went to the next level. The necessary full-prim sculpties with shadow for this type of detail are not cheap but they are available and well worth it if you are a creator. Of course, another option would be to shorten the tee just a little bit and shred the bottom edging so it matched the jeans, and this could also be done with the neckline. I absolutely adore the pink wedges, though- very feminine and functional for throwing. To complete the badass look, I used some fingertape from Sinistyle, a modified headwrap from RunoRuno, and an old group-gift skin from CUPCAKES.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, this room is starting to smell rancid.

Outfit: Fight Like a Girl from Lemania Indigo Designs [ includes shoes and pin]
Head: Samaria Veil -w/oHair- from ~*RunoRuno*~ [modified]
Hands: Taped Fingers & Black Nails (Index, Middle, Pinky) from SiniStyle
Eyes: mesmerize eyes ~ blue from []::Tuli::[]
Skin: BEAUTIFUL from Cupcakes [group gift skin]
Pose I: Sexy Sit v2 from Sugar Mill
Pose II: sittingnew from ~Tea Lane~
Pose III: Linda from [Long Awkward Pose]
Pose IV: Munchkin Rail Sit from [Long Awkward Pose]
Pose V: Got Some from [Long Awkward Pose]
Location: Falln Sanitarium

~ by Terry Toland on May 10, 2009.

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  3. Hah, I love the idea of ‘goodwill fatigue’. I didn’t even know about half of these fundraisers…

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