Blogger Appreciation Look #3 – Achariya

BA a

It’s Day 3 (for me), and I absolutely have to recognize the work of Achariya. Her individuality and unique stamp on writing and fashion has earned her the status of first-name only recognition, like Madonna or Cher; more likely than not, if you just mention “Ach” or “Achariya”, you’re likely to clearly get your message across. She also has the stardom mannerisms down to a fine art. However, I love her not for her SLollywood fame, but because of her quirks: the petite-framed lady does not only branch out into different styles at her heart’s desire, but she explores all realms that make up her life. One day it may be about SL, another her real life, and another of otherworldy dreams.

Achariya is also inspiring because she’s finally graduated from school – something I’m aspiring to do – while maintaining a family. After watching the struggles my own mother went through to get her degree, I know it takes a strong, dedicated individual to reach this achievement. As I’ve said before, congratulations on everything, Ach, and I wish you many more good days in the coming years!

Taking a page from her work, my ensemble is a conglomerate of Victorian-steampunk, high-fashion, lolita and just a dash of edginess with the lip piercing. It’s not necessarily something I would have put together on my own and I’m really delighted with the look; don’t be surprised if you see it again in the future.

Top I: (axis) seraph jacket from ~silentsparrow~
Top II: (ashes) how we quit the forest top from ~silentsparrow~
Bottom: rustnoir punky skirt from ~silentsparrow~
Footwear: Argyle Dollie Pumps from *Dilly Dolls*
Legs: (pumpkin) toxine lolita stockings from ~silentsparrow~
Mouth: Mouth pierce ::f*a:: from
Ears: Eternity Earrings – Diamond/Iron from {Violet Voltaire} [dollarbie/cheapie]
Hair: Laydee hair from /Fuel/[freebie, found at Savoir Hair]
Eyes: OD4 eyes – LightBrown from*DEN-DOU*
Skin: OD4 Heidi -Champagne- /02 Sugar Eyeliner from*DEN-DOU*
Pose: C-Barbie1a from [Long Awkward Pose]

~ by Terry Toland on May 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Blogger Appreciation Look #3 – Achariya”

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  2. *grin* what a post. just to make a small sad correction, i won’t be done with my dissertation until December, and i’ll (hopefully) graduate then.

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