Blogger Appreciation Look #5 – Lizzie


Terry might have followed the flock, despite her better interests, if she did not have the brazen examples of Lizzie Lexington, nerd extraordinaire. Her adventures, filled with laughter, tears and insanity, have taught Terry that its OK to share feelings on your blog, and even more OK to admit to them being wrong and making mistakes. Thus, Day Five belongs to her!

Having the memory of a goldfish, Terry doesn’t remember when or how she stumbled upon the Lexington Tales, but she certainly knows that Lizzie’s style is unique among the blogosphere, choosing to write in a third-person story format rather than the first-person reporter. Terry finds this absolutely fascinating and wonderful because of her psychology major background. She is also very inspired by Lizzie’s passionate memoirs about heartache and the anger entwined with it- so often, it is just the depression highlighted. After being through a traumatic breakup in the last two months, Terry’s had more than frowns and sniffles, so seeing someone else experience the same emotions has made her feel less crazy. Some people have found Lizzie’s entries – either for content or method – to be bothersome, but Terry things they need to polish their glasses and see past the antics to the deeper meaning.

Terry really enjoyed dressing up like Lizzie, as it is very close to what she would wear in real life (mirroring the RL T is a growing secret love of the avid-fantasy SL resident). In tribute to both the feelings and love of bunnies displayed on her blog, Terry pulled out an old, silly tee to pair with her newer blue jeans. She had to fight a bit to get her hair into pigtails like Lizzie, and lost her glasses on her head quite a few times, too. After finally pulling on the sneakers, Terry could finally heave a sigh and strike a pose before the camera, proud to celebrate yet another awesome person.

Top I: Troubled Animals (Bunny) (untucked) from *Sprawl* [formerly known as *Push Button Industries*]
Top II: White Thermal from *Sprawl*
Bottom: rockstar jeans-drkblue from Deviance
Footwear: Woman – SuperStar – White/Blue/Red/Blue from [ hoorenbeek ]
Face: Nash from Solar Designer Eyewear [L$0 at Fabulous Fashion Television Studio]
Hair: Sally – Black from *TRUTH*
Eyes: Eyes – Mirror Blue form *Celestial Studios*
Skin: Lovespell – HONEY – Spring Fling (Group Gift) from *CUPCAKES*
Pose: Preg-Baby Strut from [Long Awkward Pose]

~ by Terry Toland on May 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “Blogger Appreciation Look #5 – Lizzie”

  1. TERRY!!! OMG, now I am crying. You really are a soul sister and don’t forget that. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I appreciate this so much. And Terry, never stop being different.

    FYI – I was also a psyche major in college.

    • Aww, don’t cry, Lizzie! You’ll get stains on your glasses. 🙂 You’re very, very welcome. And I’m going to keep striving to be unique and get out there.

      And yay- Pyschos for the win! XD

  2. Lizzie is my hero and inspiration as well! /

    • Dude, does that mean we have to fight over her?

      …I’ll birng the mud if you bring the swimsuits. 😛

  3. oops – there should have been a little applause symbol after that. 😀

  4. Gooooo Lizzie!!!!

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