Blogger Appreciation Look #7 – Gando


It’s the end of the Blogger Appreciation week for me, and the start of it for some others. This time of endings and beginnings calls for someone special, someone who’s been there in multiple ways and multiple forms. You could call him my very first partner in crime, a true friend and role model, and one of the few people I’ve had the pleasure to meet beyond the screen. While his name may not ring many bells in the SL blogosphere, it chimes a clear, uplifting tone my heart; he is Gando Thurston.

I first met Gando while roleplaying; the relationship moved beyond the game realm, grew, evolved and metamorphed as time passed. He’s encouraged me as I’ve worked through SL and RL challenges, celebrated when I succeeded, and offered a shoulder to cry on when things fell a part. For someone as unique as him, it’s really hard to cram him into a few paragraphs when he’s so vivid and dynamic. So, I’ll capture the little I can in a photo in his uniform for virtual life: screen tee, kilt, boots and mohawk, all bundled with a cheeky presentation. And sometimes, that simple photo is all you need to tell a tale.

Here’s your rooster crowin’ in the morn: who inspires you? Who supports you? And not just the big dogs in the yard- who’s close to you that’d you like to raise up? Take time – if not this week, some other time – to tell them how much you care. You’ll be surprised not only what it does for them, but what it does for you.

Top: Pont D’Amour tee (untucked) from *Zanzo*
Bottom: Gladiator – Black from Tyranny
Footwear: Glossy Ribbon Boot foot – black from (Shiny Things)
Head: Gando’s Goggles Infra-Red
Arms: Body Graffiti (asian theme) tattoos from Canimal
Hair: Mohawk Freebie, Jewel Garnet from Zyrraphotic Hair [found at the GNUbie store]
Eyes: Eyes – Deep Green form *Celestial Studios*
Skin: Sylvan Skin – china white from Nomine
Pose: The Lawless from [Long Awkward Pose]

~ by Terry Toland on May 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Blogger Appreciation Look #7 – Gando”

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  2. We really all need a “Gando” in our lives!

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