In the Rolling Stone: (Miriel) Closing

There are things in our lives that make life brighter yet get lost amongst the chaos and glamor; we tend to learn the hard way how special they are when they abruptly disappear. A light in not just fashion, but content creation is setting and now may be the last chance for people to how onto a piece of Second Life’s history: (Miriel) is closing.

Missing Miriel II

For those of you unfamiliar with the name, (Miriel) specializes in jewelry and eyes with an exquisite dabbling in hair and other appearance items. Her attention to perfection produces amazing pieces that are realistic without being unnerving, and her inexpensive prices are hard to believe. Miriel Enfield, the master crafter behind the treasures, also created some of the versatile multi-option pay-vendors that you find in stores such as *~*Illusions*~*, which allow creators to offer a diversity of styles and permissions without digging into their prim count. Lady Einfield has also been the lead organizer of the annual Jewelry Exposition, and her landscaping skills has made her sim one of the most immersing environments SL has to offer. Her sculpted cliffs were one one of the first residential creations featured on the official Second Life log-in screen.

Missing Miriel I

I learned of the sad event through friends. In her typical fashion, Miriel did not make a huge production out of the matter. There is a brief statement on her blog, and presumably this message was sent to any feeds she is a part of and to her group. I am not privvy to her reasons for closing her shop and sim, and though I have heard speculations, I am going to follow her lead by remaining composed and courteous. However, as I heard other prominent content creators lament last night, that a monumental part of our virtual world is fading away.

Missing Miriel VI

Part of me feels guilty, as though I did not do my part in telling this lovely person how much her work is appreciated. This line of thinking has run through my mind often since the latest blogger event about how we so easily forget to say ‘thank you’ to those that deserve it the most. Oh, I do faun over creators when I have the opportunity to meet them “in person”, but I know that can be easily seen as kissing up and bearing a fake front. Taking the time to stop and write an IM or notecard just doesn’t pass many of our minds.

Missing Miriel V

Hindsight is 20/20, though, and ultimately we all must keep moving forward down a path when we reach forks in the road. Stagnation only offers bitter fruit.

Missing Miriel III

So for now, I’m going to take the photographs and still frames in my mind, and hang them on a shelf in good health and good time. It is not the first time I have had to shuffle through my memories and reassess what I have tattooed into my perception of a reality. Assuredly, this is not the most dramatic, but as a young adult, the practice is good for me.

Missing Miriel IV

…Sorry, such beautiful places lead me into deep reflection. I just can’t speak about the outfit or environment and leave it at that, for better or worse.

Missing Miriel

Anyways, with endings become new beginnings. I am not sure what is in store for Miriel and her beautiful creations; perhaps we shall rediscover these gems on a new horizon somewhere far across the sea; for now, the elegant lady is escaping her own golden cage. Be sure to search the isle for the hidden treasures to capture the story of Charlotte West and precious jewelry for free and own your own part of SL history.

Missing Miriel VIII

My outfit began with the bright, intricate key twirling in my back and an urge to pick up a matching outfit I had previously seen at the Fashion Designers Challenge pavilion. The color- and texture-change bowed heels helped a great deal with tying the yellow to the orange, and while I had not originally intended to visit Miriel, one of the jewelry sets I was able to pick up and modify added a glowing final touch. I chose a wild, blown-out hair to mimic the head of a sunflower, and this brunette wig worked for the most part, but the arguments between the alpha layers did make some of the shots unclean. A soft tan skin with no make-up finished the ensemble by creating a simple, warm base for a canvas.

Missing Miriel IX

Outfit: FDC Indi sunflower dress from INDI Designs
Footwear: Bows & Ribbons Dollie Pumps from *Dilly Dolls*
Ears: Blossom Jewelry earrings – Gold/Sapphire from (Miriel)
Neck: Blossom Jewelry necklace – Gold/Sapphire from (Miriel)
Back: Sunflower Free Key from WindMeUp [Limited free item; full version unreleased?]
Hair: The Lioness from Foam! [L$0]
Eyes: Anime Eyes – Gold from (Miriel) [L$0]
Skin: Mairmalade -02- May Skin- JPTRC 2009 from Domestic-V [Group gift skin]
Pose I: Emerald City Fountain from [Long Awkward Pose]
Pose II: Flower from [Long Awkward Pose] [Magic of Oz hunt exclusive]
Pose III: Doris from [Long Awkward Pose]
Pose IV: maybe tomorrow from :::sunflower poses:::
Pose V: rainy day from :::sunflower poses:::
Pose VI: sun ray from :::sunflower poses:::
Pose VII: Tingle from [Long Awkward Pose]

~ by Terry Toland on May 22, 2009.

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