In the Rolling Stone: BUBU

Something new just rolled into town… It’s already started leaving it’s mark, and it’s got no intent in staying in the alleyways. Unique, bold and beyond the box, all true chameleons should take note: BUBU is here.

Bubu I

BUBU is the brain child of Logan Skytower. After months of shaping sculpts, tampering with animations and haggling with land, the store finally opened this last week with live music, limited editions and random prizes at creator’s whim. Recently, he joined the Designers Showcase Network to provide people a free taste of his wares in the form of a shoulder buddy. However, the tiny companion cannot compare to its full sized siblings.

Bubu II

The gensis BUBU is a completely blank canvas, yet still carries its own flair through the smooth, bold sculpts that compose the body. Logan admitted he ran around as the basic avatar for a long time because of the deep contemplation the white form evoked. If the figure looks familiar, you’re not off-track: the creation stems from the concept of the Munny doll. The full-sized clean BUBU creeps me out, personally, with its sightless stare, and thankfully one skin is included in the basic package.

Bubu III

The transformation process is really where this avatar shines. Just whip out your spraycan, click…

Bubu IV

And emerge a whole new creature.

This is the [Venom] paint job, full of attitude and bite. I’m not a major Spiderman fan, but when I got the opportunity to choose any of the spraycans for free, I jumped all over this one. The detail work around the eyes really drew me in and demanded that I have it.

Bubu V

Another BUBU guise that called out to me was the beautifully alluring Kitsune. This limited edition set is actually made by Selos Dae, the creator of TRAP whom I absolutely adore; the engimatic designs and mystic color scheme are reminiscent of the Koi skins release, while the piercing stare really shows Selos’s mastery of eyeliner on any form. I really hope that we see this design appear in avatar skin and that Selos plays more with BUBU paints. (I’m not going to say ‘or’- I’m greedy when it comes to TRAP.)

Bubu VI

Last – but certainly not least – is a creature I hold very dear to my heart (and not just because I won it): Winter Eaten by an Alligator, affectionately known as WEBAA, is just too cute for narrative words. The pink and green combined with the saucer eyes and wiggling tentacles just ooze with adorable doom. I would also go so far to say that it is the girly-girl of Henela Stringer’s BUBU Swampies. While having a feminine air, the methane blue with black and purple Swamp Fire comes off as an older, elegant sister that is not interested in bows in her tendrils. Feel free to prove me wrong, though- BUBU is designed to be made your own. Ever package comes with templates for the skins, and Logan is all for you selling your own spraycans. And even if you’re not able to mix up your own paints, you can still make your mark by mixing BUBU sets, modifying body parts and adding your own attachment touches. The only limit to this avatar is the ones you decide.

BUBU Mainstore
BUBU Kitsune location
BUBU Swampy Store

~ by Terry Toland on May 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “In the Rolling Stone: BUBU”

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  2. Just. completely awesome post, i love how you’ve captured the spraycan at work, and the kitsune roxx.

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