Someone Else’s Shoes: KIRA Lingerie

I seldom truly dream these days. Sleep has pretty much consisted of blackness. However, the last few nights have spirited me away to an ethereal realm, leaving me grasping at sparkling, fragile baubles as the day breaks. I finally captured enough, though, to show the world what I saw: KIRA.

I Seldom Dream... I

In a realm of white gold, I wore a beautiful laced garment. The ensemble was a paradox, a revealing disguise that changed itself into other attire while transforming me into another woman. The fantasy began with a long, sheer train from a dancer’s boudoir; as the ruffles swirled about my legs, the names IndigoBlue Dagostino and Singsong Writer lingered in my mind.

I Seldome Dream II

Time passed, and the skirt fell away, leaving but frills in the frocks’ place. I could sense the limitation of the dream already…

I Seldom Dream... III

The black corset laces untied and slipped away as I felt the morning rays upon my unconscious skin. As the corset fell off my body, what little fabric remained became opaque, exposing me to a final flash of tantalizing wonder. Then…

The bubble burst.

I Seldom Dream... IV

When one of the (SELDOM BLUE)/ETERNITY team hands me a review folder, I tend to find myself telling a story, if only putting the concepts of getting SL items into a more realistic feel. I originally wasn’t even going to do any sort of story, but the scenery I shot the KIRA sets in asked more than a simple explanation.

The black version featured is one of two promotional offers with this release, available for L$100 instead of L$792 a full set. In the final picture is a partial set in misty blue being offered for L$1. Both of these specials are for a limited time, and I have no idea when it will end. All of the sets are copy and modify enabled, so if you don’t see a particular color you like, you might be able to to tint one to suit your needs or desires. I’m personally eyeballing the electric blue version to modify a bit for a later installment. You can see more of the selection on the (SELDOM BLUE) blog– just don’t wait to long to step into the shop.

Outfit I (images 1,2,3): Kira lingerie set in black from (SELDOM BLUE)
Outfit II (image 4): Kira lingerie set in misty blue from (SELDOM BLUE)
Footwear I: “Tie me up Dolly” shoes in White from .:Periquita:.
Footwear II: Retro Round light blue shoes from .:Periquita:.
Face: *~*Enigma Mask: Black from *~*Illusions*~*
Ears: Glitterati Earrings – Black from {Violet Voltaire}
Neck: Glitterati Necklace – Black from {Violet Voltaire}
Wrists: Glitterati Bracelets: Black from {Violet Voltaire}
Hair: Laynie 8ball from Exile
Eyes: gold flakes – opal (m) from Poetic Colors [former freebie]
Skin: Sylvan Skin – china white from Nomine
Pose I: [F Sexy s1] bend_over_001 from [CnS E-motion]
Pose II: SP_Anne Hathaway Dollarbie Pose from *Striking Poses*
Pose III: SP_Rihanna Freebie Pose from *Striking Poses*
Pose IV: SP_Desperate Susan Pose from *Striking Poses* [old group gift]
Location: Delirium sim

~ by Terry Toland on June 3, 2009.

5 Responses to “Someone Else’s Shoes: KIRA Lingerie”

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  2. Lovely photos

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  4. very creative expressions. good illustrations!

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