FT: S.LOVin’ Belle

Belle Belle I

Put sweetly, both Belle Belle Furniture and [S.LOVES] have tantalizing goodies awaiting you at their stores. You can nab them through their lucky boards, with Belle Belle having a two fortunate locations – the main store and the Synergy shop – and [S.LOVES] having three different prizes to win. Take the links to be whisked away now or read on to get a more detailed report of these items.


Belle Belle II

The Tantric Lovin’ sphere has been available since the beginning of the month, showing how insane things are for me to push through at times (and I hope Heidi and Leyla can forgive me for being such a bum). However, when I did finally pull out the floating orb, I did feel a very warm, relaxing aura emanating from the crystal. Three of the four poses are very calm – a mediation, held-cuddle, and spooning-lay – while the forth is active and intense – a limb-entwining kiss that would fit in the Kama Sutra. The attention to simplicity in overall design allowed Leyla to weave in detail through the textures and smaller details, creating a rich environment without being overwhelming. On the technical side, the menu includes the option to adjust and save positions, as well as to toggle the permissions of the ball user and menu users between owner, group and public.

Belle Bell III

There are a few snags in the fabric with this piece. You can see I did not get too many shots of it, and that was because my hair kept disappearing at certain angles; I honestly thought this was a poseball issue previously solved Linden Labs previously, but the error might be cropping up again with certain furnishings. If it’s not that, the alpha layer of the bubble enclosure didn’t like my wig. Beyond that, the meditation and laying poses are some of the older freebie animations, and the only way to turn off the particle emissions is to turn down your rendering (Leyla got back to me and said they were purchased from reputable dealers- these are just really popular animations that are used across the grid and I get mixed up easily). Personally, the usage of those poses are executed well, and therefore do not bother me, personally, and the glowing sparkles are very soft and add to the atmosphere rather than drown it in glitter. Tantric Lovin’ sits at 62 prims with transfer permissions only, so it’s not low-prim but not a splurge on resources in that respect. If you’re not quite sure if this is the magic carpet for you, there is a version in store if you want to test it out. On the other hand, if it takes you to a whole new world, you should explore its grown-up sibling, the 1001 Nights, in the Belle Belle Fantasy store. Far from free, this crystal is L$2990, but comes with very intimate poses (I believe a set of 5 or 6 different ones) and a variety of visual effects. People interested in tantric, psychic or just a unique visual sexual experience should really look into this.


The second set of cargo comes from [S.LOVES]: a modeling pole (shown at the far top), seductive pose (above), and a platonic poseball duo are all part of the lucky board. The model’s pole ~light version~ comes with three still-poses, made for photographers, and is at a letter-change interval of 10 minutes; the LUX pose and Posers Couple Pose randomly switch between each other with the letter-change interval of 5 minutes. Both boards are located on the second floor of the shop.

The collective pro for all of these is that they are free. The downside to this is you have to wait for your letter, wrangle 25 other people with different names into the area, or some combination of the two in order to nab them. As the store has no build options available, you’ll want to unpack things if you want to sort while waiting. On an individual level, one of the poses in the model pole looked really awkward with my arm length and I wasn’t sure if I could actually edit my position to better fit with the object, rather than change my shape. The other two items are fairly generic, but also nice staples if you are into modeling or photography. If you’re seeking more variety, the full Model’s Pole comes with 12 poses and copy/modify permissions, and the [S.LOVES] store has a growing selection of poseballs and poses.


I’ve struggled with headaches, teeth pain, and sinus problems the last few days, so I’m not going into depth about the outfits. In the Belle Belle photos, my hair is from Maitreya, skin from Nomine, and outfit from Haven Designs, while my International, Sensual Assistant of Mystery is wearing hair from Exile, skin from Pulse, and attire from Solange. He’s wearing basically the same thing in the [S.LOVES] photos, swaping the Arabian ensemble for cybernetic duds from the L$1 Terrorbot hunt at +DV8+. I’m also wearing hair and clothing from the hunt (it lasts through), and my skin is from Tyranny. You can see more of the Terrorbot prizes on the Free*Style blog.

~ by Terry Toland on June 13, 2009.

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