Money is Such a Problem: Big Bad Blogger Challenge #5

Dark Side of the Moon

Originally posed by Alicia Chenaux on Ch’Know?

Q. Blogger’s Choice! Write about anything you want!

Do you ever have moments where you get so into something that you gloss over the fine print multiple times?

That’s what happened here: this was intended to be an entry for the Moon Goddess Photographic Competition hosted by Evie’s Closet & Studio Sidhe. It was only till I saved the .png version that I reread the rules and needed an Isabella dress along with the moon prop. This features pieces from the Honor gown in red.

…Yeah. Well, if you couldn’t tell, it’s inspired by the Disney movie Mulan during the “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” segment. I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out, although parts of it look bleached out due to the lighting. Still trying to haggled with that render option.

At this point, since the Isabella gowns are a pretty penny, I don’t know if I will pursue doing a full-fledged entry. I’d also like to enter the Vain Inc. contest, but we’ll see how that goes since my idea involves a few bodies.

Style Breakdown
Outfit: Honor Gown in Red from *Evie’s Closet*
Footwear: snake skin from 50 flats
Feet: Tabi Socks – Plain White from Orchid Dreams [no longer in world]
Hair: Laynie bluevelvet from Exile
Skin: OD4 Heidi -Champagne- /01 Sugar from DEN-DOU
Prop: Goddess Moon from Studio Sidhe

~ by Terry Toland on June 18, 2009.

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