FT: Exclusively Sweet

Exclusively Sweet I

I’ve been lazy. Might as well be honest; I’ve had this set from Belle Belle for a little bit, as well as the pictures taken. The summer days have just settled into my bones and flipped my brain to procrastination.

And, I guess, you could blame it on my boyfriend.

Exclusively Sweet II

He goes by Isam in SL, and though he’s not terribly on much, he’s already made leaps and bounds- he has a grasp on the inventory system, he knows how he wants to present his avatar, and he’s even gone to a fashion show and critiqued outfits with me. This is one top of taking me out for beach-side picnics, multiple movies, and cuddle-sessions in real life. And he’s not just doing this to impress me- this is what he enjoys.

What truly makes me sit back in my seat and ponder all that before me is that he is unwavering in his devotion. We’ve have only known each other since the end of March, and he truly believe that I am the one. Even with all my quirks, bad habits, and short fuse temperaments, he’s a stable, responsible, caring partner. That may be normal for everyone else, but for me, it’s… amazing.

Exclusively Sweet III

For holding back your breakfasts after all of that sappy gunk, I do want to share this lovely offer from Belle Belle Furniture. Exclusive to Belle Belle group members, A Sweet Morning… comes with table, chairs, fence, and decor details. The core furniture come with multiple poses for pairs, including basics sits, eating, and more intimate animations like the whisper shown in the second picture. Leyla took extra care in laying out the simple, sculpted brunch arrangement so it looks organized yet natural; the meal portion is all connected, so you can move it off the table and onto your own romantic setting with ease, should you wish. The balcony fence uses Prim wise, the furniture set is a total of 45, while the Petit Dejeuner pour deux (food set) is 44, the fence 14, the vase set 16, and the candle with particle flame is 4. Altogether, it can add up to taking aorund 100 prims, but the wonderful option is you can pick and choose what you set out and whether it’s a permanent staple or temporary.

Oh, did I mention it’s free? A Sweet Morning… can be won at either of Leyla’s locations, the main Belle Belle Furniture store or the Synergy shop through the lucky boards. You must be wearing an active Belle Belle group tag, however- the boards are set to group only so they give back to the people that support the shop. It is L$0 to join, too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there are cuddles I wish to indulge in.

~ by Terry Toland on June 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “FT: Exclusively Sweet”

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  2. Awww too cute

  3. Cute couple, Terry, and how great for you to have such a gem in RL. Can’t say that I blame you for wanting to spend more time with him than with any avi, no matter how interesting or pretty etc.

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