REZ: The High Road

Kings Rezzable - Remnant

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve had a few projects going on that have kept me from being diligent about posting in my blog. One of them being the newest writer for the Rezzable blog. Of course, I had to start off with a bang: my first post, The High Road, is not about some fantastic fashion find, an eccentric event, or a prestigious place. No, I took the license to be controversial- I commented on people’s reactions to Rezzable’s withdrawal from Second Life.

I still have a few choice things to say, so if you’re interested in my less-than-professional fuming, go past the cut and the following picture.

Vainity's Staircase

So… was I raised by aliens or something? Because the concept of being a retaliatory jerk being equally unacceptable and unappealing seems completely out there to a bunch of people. Two wrongs do not make a right, whether that wrong is committed by a small-time businessman, a bigwig CEO, or a multi-national corporation. It doesn’t make you a better person and you’re usually left still feeling bitter about the whole damn thing.

I have been slighted by assholes in SL and RL. Furthermore, I not only have a livid temper (thank you, genetic heritage), I can be very revenge-minded. By the Almighty Father, there have been people I wanted to slice open with a cleaver and spill their entrails, so I know how unimaginably infuriating people can be. But, as I haven’t been banned from SL entirely, nor locked away at a high security institute, I’ve been able to control myself. This doesn’t mean I just let things go- I chose to express myself in a mature manner.

In example, when I first dabbled in medieval-fantasy roleplay, I happened to get on the badside of the sim owner because my character was going to have a baby and she wouldn’t have it at all. Long story short, I left… and I told my friends not to play there. I avoided going to public forums and spewing out obscenities because that would have made me look insane and/or pitiful. About a year or so ago, I found her sim went under. Sure, I did my own gleeful dance and sang ‘Ding dong, the witch is dead’, but I did so in private. I knew while she was a jerk, other people had enjoyed that roleplay. Celebrating it’s downfall before everyone and anyone would make me as much a bitch as she was.

Building on that, just because one person, even if they’re at the head of the company, just makes you want to punch infants doesn’t mean that everyone who works for them is also the devil incarnate. For example, though the executives of Enron were blood-sucking leeches, you cannot convince me that everyone that worked for their company was a scumbag. There were people just trying to do their job. This shouldn’t be a hard idea to apply to multiple contexts.

In fact, when Michael Jackson died, I was not sad- I cracked jokes with my close family members and friends. However, I kept my mouth shut and was respectful for the people morning his loss. Maybe I’m going out on a limb, but I’m going to say that most of the people were not related to him and perhaps not even diehard fans. But they were still affected by what happened, and me dancing on his grave would be disgustingly moronic.

Yes, Rezzable’s withdrawal from SL is not exactly like someone dying. But as I said in my post, it still has a significant impact on people. Thanks to the real life factor of money, dreams are being revoked. Sure, people will get over it, but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable and disheartening. And it equally warrants people to be mindful of how they act and what they say if they value being considered serious and respectable.

But hey, if you want everyone to think you’re an asshole, by all means, spew your hate.

~ by Terry Toland on July 16, 2009.

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