Mayor of DC: WtF has Terry been Up to?! I

+DV8+ Thriller

I’m not dead- just swamped. Three items in SL reared their heads at the same time, and coupled with some RL matters, LotBaN had to take a seat in the trunk. Things have finally settled down, so before the evil beast known as ‘school’ comes back into play, I’m providing updates on what’s all happened. Rest assured, most of their content will be pictures so you don’t have to deal with wordiness.

First on the list: +DV8+ Modeling

+DV8+ Look XIV

I applied back in late June to be a Live Model at the cyberpunk/cybergoth/steampunk/vamp store +DV8+; it’d been a while since I didn’t do any sort of modeling, and I really wanted to stay on the ball in some manner. Soon after, I was hired and got to join the rotisserie team. (In between those times, of course, was the Cat Owner incident.)

+DV8+ Look II

As an added bonus, +DV8+ doesn’t allow their models to camp for their hours- you have to be active at the stand. This kept me on the ball and forced me to do some social interaction. The different looks I would come up for the stands also lead me to taking more ‘Look of the Day’ shots.

+DV8+ Look XII

As I spent more time at the store, and the products are copy+mod, I tampered more with how to wear items in new ways. I was able to pull together this schoolgirl outfit when I noticed that the heels worked well with the Demonette boot base. After toying with the wrist-cuffs that came with the Steam Tramp outfit, I was able to create some sock cuffs so the lines remained clean, and tinting the metal bits on the Deathcandy shoes kept the colors in scheme.

+DV8+ Look XI

The store is also pro non-human: we have nekos, elves, furries and various other beings under the moon that work together. During Hair Fair, Vasha and Sin (the owners) actually made a style designed for furry heads. I haven’t been able to bring myself to go full-fur- I like my facial features too much.

+DV8+ Look VI

…I have, however, played with the man look. Hey, I like the challenge! And it keeps the other models on their toes.

Fun at +DV8+ II

Recently, I was promoted to the position of +DV8+ Head Model, a role I’m honored to fill. I’ve traded my time on the stand for reviewing applications and herding cats, and while I normally don’t care for manager duties, I’m really enjoying this.

Fun at +DV8+ I

If you’d like to know what I was wearing, click the photos- they’ll lead you to their FlickR page which has the breakdowns in their details. Now, I’m off to feed the models!

~ by Terry Toland on August 19, 2009.

5 Responses to “Mayor of DC: WtF has Terry been Up to?! I”

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  2. \o/ Terry rocks at the job of head model, yes she does.

  3. YAY Terry and congrats on the promotion.

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