Mayor of DC: WtF has Terry been Up to?! II

One Tin Puppet

In this (not-so-) riveting installment of reflection, I bring you the fashion blogs I have done. That’s right- I was not idly sitting away doing nothing. In a final farewell to most of its sims, Rezzable held the Swansong fashion event. Pretty things were dropped upon me, I was awash with textures and colors, you cannot blame me for infidelity!

Err, just scroll past the divider to see pictures and get the links to the posts.

Swansong: Fire of Change I
Swansong: Fire of Change

Swansong: Through the Flames I
Swansong: Through the Flames

Swansong: Blind Love I
Swansong: Blind Love

Swansong: Remnant Of Air I
Swansong: Remnant of Air

Swansong: Dark Water I
Swansong: Dark Water

Swansong: Outside the Box I
Swansong: Outside the Box

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~ by Terry Toland on August 20, 2009.

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