Mayor of DC: WtF has Terry been Up to?! III

The Fae-Woman: Overgrowth II

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve found myself in the throws of roleplay again. This time, it’s in a medieval-fantasy realm known as Incorrigible, a land based on the yester-years of Scotland. My shapeshifter crone has taken an interesting place among the regulars, and she’s even been keeping a diary.

Foxy Lady IV

The Fae-Woman’s Tale (The Foreigner’s Secret History)
Some time ago – the exact date lost alongside extra buttons and that extra eye of newt – two of kind met in passion’s embrace…

Foxy Lady III

Diary Entry I
Tristen is gone. With him, what frail, misguided hope that I could ever truly know the intimate bond between two souls…

Incorrigible - Broken Naga I

Diary Entry II
The last hours of dawn and dusk have shook me beyond my core…

The Fae-Woman: Overgrowth I

Diary Entry III
The latest suns and moons blur together in recollection…

Foxy Lady I

Diary Entry IV
I have such a royal headache… It seems to be fashionable to break into my house-recently…

Incorrigible - Broken Naga II

Diary Entry V
believe the current trends in fashion for men for the upcoming season is completely-encasing leathers drenched in black…

Incorrigible - Dent Arashi

~ by Terry Toland on August 21, 2009.

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  2. These pics are lovely!

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