Mayor of DC: Delays, Delays, Delays…

Twisted Nightmare

I was honestly hoping to have the ball rolling with the postings of the three update entries. Well, they postings came, and time went. Rather at a fast march, if I might add. Writer’s block is not the issue- I have a bunch of ideas bubbling and ready to to take form. My issue lies in motivation and obligation.

And various explosions in between.

+DV8+ VD

The first major insanity that took time away from doing anything productive was my ex-partner rubbing me the wrong way for a final time. If you’re my boss, you can act like a manager; if you’re my friend, act like a friend. Acting friendly but ultimately being a manager – without having some sort of agreed upon exchange of goods or services – does not fly with me, at all. I can be a bossy person and I’ve caught flack for it, so I know it’s not OK.

So, I picked up all my prims (probably 95% of the sim’s environment) and moved. Thanks to the hospitality of Vash & Sin, I was able to transplant my skybox in it’s entirety and install my photostudio on the roof. I’ll try to get the photos I took edited so people can get a sense of what was there and why I waited so long to leave.
Bubu Teaser

I also promised Logan, mastermind behind the BUBU, a review of some of his products. This is not really a problem- I just want to make this my major post before anything else. In my view, it’s my obligation, as I gave my word and he gave me his work. I’ve had this on my ‘to-do’ list for over a month, and I feel terrible about it. Thankfully, the Swansong event is over, the models at DV8 have been informed about the Twisted Hunt, and I think I’ve gotten my roleplay managed, and I aim to shoot photos and edit them today, with the blog post being written tomorrow.

TRUTH or Dare? - Express the TRUTH Contest Entry

I actually know where I’m going to do the artistic shots of the new BUBU because of some new RP I’ve gotten into with one of my close friends. The insanity and DNA scramble I usually play have been put on the self for Midian City while I tackle the challenge of playing a human mechanic recruited with the League; Dax, my self-described bodyguard, plays a gritty marine totting around a SAW.

I am the last person to know anything about the military, so I see this as a major opportunity to gain a new perspective, especially as the environment I’ve grown up is… Not anti-military, but definitely pro-“every other option”. To further emphasize this, my real life uncle served his time in the army, while my Opa was a proud member of the Screaming Eagles paratrooper company; while my family is not for the wars abroad, we respect and full-heatedly appreciate the work and risks our armed forces are taking for us. And with that soap box out of the way and my inventory packed with new fatigues, I’m aiming to do a series in that schema.

+DV8+ Thriller II

Continuing on the tangent of guys, my other close buddy I RP with is Dent. We had a falling out little less than a year ago, and somehow, we ran back into each other. With both of our baggage checked and accounted for, we’re closer than ever- he is “my bro”. (He’s the one on the stand in red in the photo.) Both of our shoulders are open for the other, and both of us have taken up the offer. He’s been challenging himself in RP by playing a good-focused character in Incorrigible, as opposed to the typically dark, sinister vampire he usually dons. Of course, this in no way inhibits him from being equally mischievous and alluring. And yes, you’re encouraged to let your imagination wander.

On the Edge I

Back on the main subject of madness, a major preference of the staff at Shipyard has lead me to re-evaluate whether or not I can really play there. First and foremost, my time is already limited- school starts next Tuesday, I have my duties as Head Model, and I’m already active in two other environments. I do respect their wish to be preventative of problems, but I don’t have the energy or will to basically make a new character. The sim has a beautiful build (which isn’t shown; that’s SICK, or S.I.C.49), and I really like the structure and responsibility they request of players in the application process, but I’d imagine that with that procedure would make it so that the group playing will interact responsibly.

I’ve talked a little with other friends about playing in other places, such as INSILICO or Doomed Ship; I’m terribly fond of my little experiment, and I want her to be more than an idea. However, I do not want to jump through a bunch of hoops to have an exciting, interesting plot. As part of her backstory involves the military, her records will probably be popping up here. I am waiting twenty-four hours before making a clear-cut decision about Shipyard, as it’s not simple to get in or out, and I’m definitely interested in feedback.

Fall's Flame - [K~*~S] Magic Photo Contest Entry

Overgrowth DressOn the upswing, I did win first place in the Magical Photo Contest held by Kouse’s Sanctum in the raw snapshot category. As part of the prize, I got to pick out 25 products in the store, a trophy, and a custom-made dress. Now, I also won the top prize during House Of London’s Customer Appreciation event, and that was terribly difficult for me- I get overwhelmed with options and indecision! The trophy is incredibly awesome and helped keep me calm as I held it tightly to my polygons while browsing the vendors. A lot of my focus, however, went into creating the design for my gown. I was worried at first that my drawing skills wouldn’t be on par with conveying my idea, but I’m very pleased with how this turned out. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have a passion for attire and accessories that look grown rather than simply worn by the user. I found some truly amazing images while browsing for ideas. I’m praying that it doesn’t give Kouse too much of a headache.

Barn Angel

Finally, some building tension and stress between my real life boyfriend and I has diffused, and I feel so much more… Comfortable is too simple a word. It was not that I wasn’t safe before, but I feel less guarded and freer to be myself. We really connected last night; I felt this sublime wash of euphoria flow through me at the climax of the discussion. This is a rare feeling for me, and I may have only experienced it one other time a few years ago, so I really feel positive about this relationship and where I’m headed as an individual.

A lot has happened, and there’s still more to come- wish me the best as I charge through!

~ by Terry Toland on September 3, 2009.

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