A Day or Two: The Military Experiment (RP)

On the Edge IIII feel so electric, it really blows my mind…
The kind of electric, I just take off and fly…
Hot bodies all around
Make me think I’ve found
The beat
And a heart synchronized with mine…

– Bomfunk Mc’s, Hypnotic

On the Edge ICharacter Sheet

Genre: Science Fiction (futuristic and advanced technology timeline/environment)
Name: Terry Toland
Lifeform: Human hybrid (mutated)
Age*: Unknown (appears 20-24)
Sex: Female
Occupation: None
Alignment: True/Chaotic Neutral

Basic Background
Right after finishing public schooling, Terry enlisted into the armed services. She managed to find herself not only stationed abroad, but captured by enemy forces and brutally tortured. When she was finally recovered, she was so mentally incapacitated that her living family could not take care of her, and she found herself in the capacity and control of the government. With no need to fill out forms or account to anyone but themselves, she was subjected to extreme experimentation. The primary focus of her tests were in regeneration, compatibility with technology, and reproduction. As the results were not to the military’s standards at the time, the data was processed and she was discarded into a ward facility. Time passed, and her silent, non-interactive personality caused her to be forgotten by the staff.

Somewhere along the line, something sparked within her broken mind that lead her to slip quietly away from her confinement. Since her escape, the hybrid has been meandering the land, surviving off primal instincts. The infusion of fish, amphibian and reptilian DNA has rapidly increased her ability to regenerate damage and heal, while mildly heightening her senses of perception. The extreme compatibility with technology allows her to easily assimilate new parts into her largely cybernetic form. While untested, old government files listed her ability to procreate as high, though unstable. Despite these abilities, she is still vulnerable – no super reflexes, no enhanced intelligence, or other extraordinary skills are available to her. Her mental state is broken, her social skills null, and her ability to connect with technology leaves her vulnerable to viruses, hacking and other remote manipulation.

Appearance Details
Stature: Tall, regular-build with toned muscle
Eye color: Green (known to change)
Hair color: Black (known to change)
Skin tone: Pale (known to change)
Limbs of note: None (known to change)
– Subject’s abnormal components and ability to connect with technology can cause changes in appearance; in particular, the cybernetic body frame may allow for attachments and prosthetics with ease.

Demeanor Details
Initially acts much like an animal- hesitant, cautious, skittish, and does not communicate. When trust is gained, she is mostly quiet, her communication broken and facial expression typically aloof and detached. She seems very unsure of herself, as though she is aware that she is not at full-capacity; despite her actions, she is capable of understanding complex thought and directions provided she is given time to process.

– Average to less than average strength
– Average to less than average speed
– Average to less than average stamina
– Average to above average physical endurance (connected to primal survival increase and years spent alone)
– Above average sight capabilities (connected to non-human components; particular to foggy or clouded surroundings)
– Average to above average hearing (connected to non-human components; particular to water or similar environments/substances)
– Above average smell (connected to non-human components; available when breathing through open mouth and tongue is undamaged)
– Above average taste (connected to non-human components)
– Average to above average sense of touch (connected to non-human components; particular to water and hard substances)
– Above average sense of presence (AKA “6th sense”; connected to non-human components)
– Regeneration of physical matter and abnormally increased ability to heal (connected to non-human components)
– Able to connect/’plug in’ to technology with ports (connected to cybernetic components)
– Able to download/upload information (connected to cybernetic components)
– Quickly adapts to new data, components, and physical changes/add-ons (connected to cybernetic and non-human components)
– Extreme reproductive (connected to non-human components; abnormalities may occur, depending on DNA interactions)
– Latent basic military training skills
– Latent past memories

– Senses are able to be overwhelmed and rendered useless
– Vital organs may be unable to properly regenerate if severely damaged
– Mental state is unstable, showing large gaps in memory and slow thought processing
– Prone to random dispersal of information
– Able to contract technological viruses, spyware, and other malware; may be programmed or remotely manipulated
– Reproduction may cause further instabilities

— Regeneration Details
While the DNA manipulation did yield some fruit, it was not what was desired of the experiment. Scratches, minor cuts and bruises mend faster than normal, but require a great deal of energy, leaving the subject incredibly fatigued. Digits and moderate loss of tissue may be fully regrown, but the individual is left extremely drained and highly immobile for a week or longer. More complex limbs and organs cannot regenerate to their full function, and any attempt to will leave the subject in an unconscious, coma-like state; it is wiser to surgically reattach anything lost or apply new tissue altogether. Though the natural regeneration of cells kept the subject perpetually young, the extreme process and the scientists inability to refine it made it unusable to outside markets.

On the Edge IIOut of Character Notes

– The major problem people seem to have with this character is her regeneration. First off, she is no Wolverine- if there is only a cell of her left, she will not come back. She is still susceptible to disease, bleeding to death, being crushed, and so on. Secondly, she is not designed to be self-sufficient: not only if she gets hurt is still left vulnerable and in need of care, but she will suffer from pain, fear and other negative emotions when subjected to it. This is a timid creature, and if she gets wounded, she is not going to think, “Oh, it will grow back, so I’ll keep being a jackass.” I chose this ability because I wanted to remove the ‘permanent disfigurement’ limitation (because really, bad guys don’t care if you look hideous if they get the job done) and it provides a different healing method than just going to the clinic and getting a new prosthetic.

– The intent of the ease of technology and the variability of limbs stems from my love to change my avatar’s appearance. Some days, I want to have short hair; other days it’s a different color- it’s just how I am. it is not so I can hack into systems and take control of things or install some machine-gun attachment. The character would have to be manipulated by another power to do those things, as she has no motivation, or really mental ability to do so. Frankly, she’s not at her fullest capacity as a character unless she’s toyed and tampered with by someone else.

– My greatest wish for this character would involve a complex plot involving a military organization trying to reclaim her. I love an epic chase mixed with hide n’ seek when done properly. A bonus would be if there was one or more organizations competing with the military to control of her, either for her good or their own gain. I’m really interested in adding other elements – maybe other players have characters that were one of the few experiments, as well – and generally hearing other people’s thoughts. Provided, of course, that they’re not just shooting things down or confining it into a nice, safe box. You can only prevent problems in gaming so far- there’s always going to be an asshole out there that screws things up and you need to boot. I’d say I’m a fairly experienced gamer and I know how to manage my characters.

Ensemble Details
Outfit: Almigirl from ::: Bare@Rose :::
Tattoo: PARADISIS_energies : Plasma from PARADISIS
Hair: Lux Black Coffee hair from {Heading To Dreamville}
Skin: China White WL Torn – greasemonkey 3 from Nomine
Eyes: Eyes – Mirror Green from *Celestial Studios*
Pose: rainy day pose from :::sunflower poses:::
Location: S.I.C.49

~ by Terry Toland on September 4, 2009.

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