Someone Else’s Shoes: [BUBU] Army

My journey has be long, arduous, and wrought with peril. I knew when I accepted the mission from the Chief it would test my merits, but never did I imagine the challenges I would face. At times, I thought about pushing that glowing red ‘abort’ button, yet somehow, I managed to fight my way to end. And now I can show the fruits of my labor-

Strap in, the [BUBU] Army is here.

[BUBU] Army I

[BUBU] Army IIFrom day one, [BUBU] was the black sheep of the prim-avatar family. Not only are they a lot larger than the regular “tiny”, they can shed the ‘cute’ label and take on new adjectives without breaking a sweat. The Army update is a clear example of this flexibility and features a variety of options–

The most notable feature of this release are all the accessories. The full War Armor Set not only comes with body armor for gals and guys, but in three different styles: standard issue, with antenna back-pack, and with banner. The right shoulder-plating also has two versions, one plain and one with a skull decal. To top it off, there are two mohawks, a bandanna, a headband, a headset, and a cigar. If you’re still worried about creating a unique look, all of these items are copy and mod enabled so you can tinker to your heart’s desire.


The canvas for this urban rebellion comes in six different skins for guys n’ gals – Lightning Bolt, Skull, Shaved Head, Warstripe, Red Stripe, and Camo. I’m flashin’ the lashes the female shape of the armor for this post out of personal taste. The gear can also be worn with other BUBU skins, and I highly recommend it.

[BUBU] Army IV

Of course, an military movement wouldn’t be complete without the addition of some heavy-duty arsenal. Behold, the [BUBU] Army Tank. A simple yet sleep vehicle with a turret attachment that, combined with HUD, does pack a punch. This weapon on wheels is guaranteed to make others rethink prim-avatars and art, especially if they want to keep those thoughts on top of their shoulders.

As the battle-lines are drawn, the [BUBU] main store is inaccessible to the general public. But Logan has set up a fully functional outpost in Amnesia to get you geared-up. There are also an SL system and subscribe-o group in-world for enthusiasts to join for free and keep up on the latest installments. So what are you waiting for? Get yur arse down there and join the mayhem, maggots!

~ by Terry Toland on September 16, 2009.

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