We Interupt this Stream of Fashion to Bring You…

An Unseelie Affair (Promo)+Neurosix+ presents…

An Unseelie Affair

Thursday, September 24th, 2009
7:00-9:00pm SLT

Merry Mabon has come and gone- now it’s time for the Dark ones to play. Come celebrate the turn of the seasons with the goblins and ghouls of +Neurosix+ as we toast to the rule of the Unseelie Court. The maniacal DJ Lokii will be spinning a web of audible delight while Host Terry Toland and the tantalizing Teases will be on hand to help pull your strings. Roleplayers, regulars and ramblers are all invited to this night of madness and exclusives gifts will be offered.

+ Come Play with Us… +

Night is Upon Us...

Yes, I have more to say beyond the plug. Most importantly, my thanks:

  • Vasha Martinek, my incredible boss at +DV8+ and co-owner of +Neurosix+, for coming up with this idea. It would never come to be without her creativity and kindness.
  • Teemu Sands, manager of +Neurosix+, and Rydia Mayako, assistant manager of +Neurosix+, for their patience and forgiveness as my excitement got ahead of intelligence. I promise to not be such a bumblehead in the future.
  • The Incorrigible Roleplay Staff and Community- this event was made with you and your Thriller goodness in mind.

As mentioned, this is a themed party for roleplayers and non-roleplayers, AKA, an Out of Character party. I want people to just have fun without worrying about faction tensions or interrupting the story and what not; it’s healthy to get to know people beyond where you work or play that way people don’t develop inappropriate conceptions of others.

Finally, I will be releasing two exclusive skins – one male and one female – for free at the event. I am not blabbing this to freebie groups as the sim will probably be lagged out enough and it is special for people that are interested in the celebration. They are being released under my new brand named, .! Chaotic Neutral !., and (hopefully) they will kick-off my return to creating roleplay kits and such. In case you’re curious, I have made items for free and sale under a different brand name; I won’t go into it here, but you can get some information on my XStreetSL page.

~ by Terry Toland on September 22, 2009.

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