Mayor of DC: Autumn Additions

Saint & Sinner

This season has been aptly named for me this year, what with falling aparts, falling outs, falling into places, and stuff just plain falling (such as the light cover in the womens’ restroom- on my head, no less). Mid-term has passed, and while I still have some matters fighting for my attention, I do have some treats to share:

PSA - Hunt Zombies!
Achariya is running a Halloween series, featuring a number of her friends in their favorite Halloween attire. Inspired by some drama that arose over beat-up/bloodied skins, I put together a zombie hunter ensemble using one of my favorite post-fight skins. The post also features some other action shots I took combating the living dead.

Look of Terreh
I also showed up on Ana Lutetia’s blog as part of her interview series. The activity gave me the kick in t he butt I needed to actually photograph my “default” look while answering some great questions. If given the opportunity to participate, I strongly recommend participating!

The Bloodiest Rose
Despite there not being much since my military-themed posts here, I have done some fashion blogging within the last week or so- they just happen to be on my Rezzable dispatch. One reflection on three major fashion trends seen over the past spring and summer, while the other looked at four popular ghouls of the upcoming Halloween holiday. They are not on this blog because they provide a broad view of fashion (even if it is from my limited perspective); given the time and energy, I would expand upon one of the foci as I have done with some of my previous reviews.

Native Woods
I snagged a chance to create some artistic photo pieces with the latest Style It! – SL Style Challenge on FlickR. The LeeZu Miss Mara Scarf sparked an image in my mind when I opened its release notecard, and this was the excuse to take a break from it all to follow through. Look of the Days are nice to put together, but they do start to wear on me if I do not break it up.
Jewel in the Crown (Draft I)
In real life, I broke up with the individual I was seeing over the summer; the spark and vigor that shone so beautifully in the beginning burned out and it was time for me to move on. I’ve really focused on reigning in my romantic side and taking things in stride as I dive back into the dating scene. The outlook looks promising, but I will not delve into deeper details for now.

~ by Terry Toland on October 27, 2009.

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