CN – Remember, Remember…

V for Voice
Remember, Remember
The 5th of November…

A few people close to me may remember I offered free fantasy avatar kits in-world. They were confined to XstreetSL for some time, but I have finally rebranded and set-up my shop – .! Chaotic Neutral !. is now open to the public. The classics and a few new products as well, including two free skins to help spread a message: content theft is not acceptable.

The group The Artist’s Voice is urging people to STOP for 48 hours- stop buying, stop selling, stop uploading, stop exchanging linden. The hope is that, if enough people act, it will force Linden Labs to take a serious look at the issue of content violation plaguing the grid.

Understandably, this action will not work for everyone. The biggest complaint I’ve heard is that people cannot forgeo 48 hours without income; whatever your issue may be with it, I urge you to do something. Hand out information about content theft, go to a Linden Lab meeting and make a fuss, have a V for Vendetta night in your RL home while avoiding SL, only do it for 24- just do something. Instead of tearing down those seeking something positive for everyone because what they are offering doesn’t fit your comfort zone, find something that does and act.

For myself, all of my products except my V for Voice skins will not be accessible in-world, and possibly not through XstreetSL. After 48 hours, they will return. If I make an impact, great.; if not, no one can point at me and say I was a lazy ass that did nothing but whine.

~ by Terry Toland on November 4, 2009.

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